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Club Name: Outdoor Ambassadors Fier
Club Leader(s): Emily Franchett, Kyle Roberts & Geena Torti
Club Student Leader: Egli Isufaj
Club Officers: 
    President- Albiona Taullaj
    Treasurer- Paola Ndreko
    Secretary- Sadiola Isufaj
    Public Relations- Thanas Goga
# of Members: 18
Facebook page: OA Fier

Club Motto: OUTDOOR...
  A- active
      M- mission
B- belief
       A- answers
     S- support
        S- solutions
                    A- advancements
 D- duties
            O- obligations 
                     R- responsibilities
   S- success

Current Events: 
  • This summer, OA Fier has a tire painting activity planned in a local park area for the month of June.
  • June-August, OA Fier will be participating in Albania Cap Project, collecting bottle caps and donating them to be made into wheelchairs.
  • Members will spend some time over the summer volunteering at the local elderly home in Fier.
  • Club members will finalize lesson plans on Reducing, Re-using, and Recycling over the summer and will begin presenting their lesson in local school throughout the city next fall.
Past Events:
  • 2013: 
  • 2012: The group kicked off in June with a bake sale. To prepare for the bake sale, OA Fier coordinated with a lokal in one of Fier's parks to secure table space at a central location. Each of the members contributed home-made baked goods. The group had a great afternoon selling their desserts and sharing Outdoor Ambassadors' mission with the community. Using the proceeds from the bake sale towards travel costs, OA Fier was then able to plan a three day camping trip to Rana e Hedhun, Shengjin in July. While in Shengjin, the group also orchestrated a beach clean up around their camping site with the help of other PCVs from Lezhe, Shkoder, and Koplik. OA Fier worked with OA Patos to have another clean up in August at Seman Beach, just west of Fier. We're looking forward to planning more projects in the upcoming months.
Hello from OA Fier!
We are really happy to share our recent activities and meeting topics. We are still a small group, but we're expanding as the school year starts. We are very close to each other and having a common interest has made us a real team. We all have a strong connection with the environment and love to take care of it. We organize weekly meetings in which we discuss our future plans. 

Updated 5.28.2013