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Club Name: Outdoor Ambassadors Divjakë
Club Leader(s): Emily Olson
# of Members: 11
Club Motto:  “Të ndërgjegjësojme komunitetin për vlerat e mjedesit ne jetën tone.” 
(To make others conscious of the value of environment in our lives.)

Current Events:
Since the weather has improved, we have taken the opportunity to explore our lovely local lagoon. The group packs lunches and gathers various activities for the day. We enjoy rowdy games of soccer, volleyball, and a new one for the American, Kala Dibranqe. Every excursion is an adventure when you party with the pelicans!

Past Events:
The students created school projects designed to educate their peers on the current dangers to our environment. One group is used the video “Why Plastic Bags are Evil” for their presentation. They also recently took a class trip to the lagoon to search for special medicinal plants, information that they then passed on to their group leader, therefore potentially saving thousands of lives.

Updated 5.23.2013