The Open University Society of Entrepreneurs
was established early in 2008 to create a space where the diverse talents of the OU community could mix easily with the business world. Membership of OUSEN is actively offered to students, alumni and staff from all disciplines to create a melting pot of ideas and viewpoints. The common thread that binds the Society together is the desire to deliver innovative ideas into our communities in a profitable manner, whilst enjoying the challenge, risk, rewards and excitement that goes with it.
OUSEN runs a programme of events to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and contacts necessary to launch new ventures successfully. It achieves this through a range of activities, based primarily at the Milton Keynes campus:
  • Practical workshops in key skills: pitching, presentation, negotiation, etc
  • Networking opportunities across and beyond the OU community
  • Training to develop coherent business plans
  • Participation in national business competitions
  • Lectures and seminars by inspirational role models and expert advisors
  • Online discussion and support
Although OUSEN is independent of the OU, they work in close collaboration with each other.


Please visit to become involved and build a network of like-minded people.

Andy Burton,
9 May 2008, 14:11