Hiring Manager's Home Page

The 2019-20 Hiring season winds down...

The 19-20 school year started with fewer than 25 vacancies thanks to the hard work of OUSD's school site and central office staff and we continue to fill these positions.

Congratulations to everyone who worked together and persevered through the challenges presented by the strike, reorganization and significant staffing reductions to match the right internal and external candidates with each opening at each site.

...and in no time 2020-21 hiring will be ramping up!

Watch here for 2020-21 Hiring Season Quick access LINKS

Recruitment events:

                    • HERE there will be a link to a SCHOOL signup for recruitment events
                    • HERE there will be a link to CANDIDATE signup for recruitment events (that you can share with candidates
                    • HERE there will be a link to record your 2020-21 PERSONNEL COMMITTEE selections

In the meantime...Year-Round Resources for Hiring Managers

Position, Vacancy, and Candidate Tracking and Management:

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Understanding the Posting and Hiring Process - Overview and Resource Material

Hiring Manager's information and resources to help with: creating positions, posting vacancies, managing staffing budget, and tracking the new hire onboarding process.

OUSD Online Vacancy Management and Hiring Systems and Processes (see quick login links above)

Explanations of:

              • Escape (financial management)
              • Recruit and Hire (vacancy management, job posting, application review and hiring decisions transmittal)
              • Records (new hire onboarding support)