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The 2021-22 Hiring Season is Open!

Useful Links for Hiring Managers

Position, Vacancy, and Candidate Tracking and Management:

Planning for Vacancies

Separations, Voluntary Transfers, & Requisitions

Staff who are resigning, retiring, and separating from their positions create early and sometimes unexpected vacancies across school sites. Another way staff create a vacancy is by letting Talent know they are interested in relinquishing rights to their position as a Voluntary Transfer 1 teacher.

In November and December, all OUSD employees received the annual Intent to Return form electronically. We ask our certificated OEA represented employees to notify us of their intentions for the 21-22 school year and to complete a separation form if they do not intend to return.

In December, OEA members received a request to indicate their Voluntary Transfer status for 21-22. Teachers could select to transfer fall into two categories:

  • Voluntary Transfer 1 (VT1): Teachers relinquish rights to their current position to seek another position within the district. The position of VT1s can be posted for recruitment immediately.

  • Voluntary Transfer 2 (VT2): Teachers retain rights to their current position while seeking another teaching position. VT2s may ONLY participate in Phase 1 Open Hiring, and must either return to their position or become a VT1 at the end of Phase I (Jan 11-March 26).

Separations and Voluntary Transfer 1 teachers, once they notify Talent, will be sent to you by Talent to verify for posting for the 2021-22 academic year. Before these positions are posted, you are welcome to engage with hiring pool candidates on our Applicant Tracking website, TalentEd Applicant Tracking.

To complete a requisition for a staff member for your site, you will need the PCN from Escape (use your POS03 to identify). For a helpful reference video, please see this link.

Planning for Selection

Personnel Committees (PCs) & Trainings

School site hiring in OUSD is a collaborative process held by a Personnel Committee that includes site leaders, elected representatives of OEA, and others (potentially family members, classified staff, students, and other site based stakeholders).

Personnel Committees

  • Each school elects a Personnel Committee (“PC”) of not more than 7 members (ideally 3-7) with the simple majority of the committee being teachers at the site. If you haven't already, indicate your choice of Personnel Committee members here. The non-teacher members can comprise classified staff, parents, and students (at high schools). Elect members in a manner consistent with your site’s SSC elections.

  • For teacher representatives, PC members should reflect the needs of grade levels, departments and Specialized Programs (e.g. hiring a Bilingual teacher, a current bilingual teacher should be on the personnel committee).

  • Teacher members of the PC will receive $250 stipend and an additional $100 to be available during June and July, which will be paid through OUSD’s central budget.

Please join us for the following training dates for you or your Personnel Committee Members. For the Personnel Committee Members Training a registration form will come soon after election of the Personnel Committee members.

Training Dates

  • Personnel Committee Members Training Dates

    • Monday 1/25 3:30-4:30pm

    • Monday 2/1 10-11am

    • Monday 2/8 4-5pm

    • Wednesday 2/17 3:30-4:30pm

  • Hiring Manager Training Dates (Please RSVP here!)

    • New Site Leaders, Wed. 1/27 11:30-12:30pm

    • General Training Session, Fri. 1/29 11-12

    • General Training Session, Wed. 2/3 10-11am

Engaging Candidates

Screening & Interviewing

Click here for the 2021-22 Hiring Toolkit, a compendium of interview questions, best practices, and a guide to completing demonstration lesson observations with your Personnel Committee.

Screen candidates for basics, including eligibility to teach, authorization to work in the US (without district sponsorship), and legal eligibility for hire. If you find a candidate via word of mouth rather than our Applicant Tracking System, run them by a Talent Development Associate in order to ensure their eligibility, and encourage them to complete our streamlined application to eligibility pools or site specific vacancies here.

OUSD Hiring Toolkit (2020-21).pdf

Onboarding Candidates

Completing the hiring process

We are transitioning to DocuSign and have fully revamped our New Hire website. We are making major improvements to our onboarding systems and procedures to improve the experiences of new hires and hiring managers.

Once you have selected a candidate and have completed the Begin Hire process, the following process will take place:

Communication with the New Hire
Please communicate to the candidate that they should expect to receive an email from your Employee Support Specialist (ESS) a few days after you have completed the 'Begin Hire' on the Applicant Tracking System. The email will contain a DocuSign 'Envelope' which is a bundle of tasks and forms for them to complete and sign. Encourage them to begin the Pre-Hire Tasks immediately (even before receiving the DocuSign envelope) so they can be hired without delay.

Here is a sample email (including the New Hire Welcome Site) to for you to send.

Completion of the onboarding DocuSign envelope
Your new hire will receive regular reminders to complete their tasks and forms and status notes will continue to be posted in your ESS' Hiring Tracker. Continue to communicate with the candidate to make sure they are making process with pre-hire tasks.

Contract Signing
Upon completion of The candidate's DocuSign envelope, the Employee Support Specialist will schedule an Onboarding Meeting with them to complete the hire process.

Upon completion of all Docusign envelope tasks and background check clearance, your Employee Support Specialist (ESS) will schedule an onboarding meeting with the new hire to sign their contract. They may not report to their new job until their hire is complete and they have been issued an Authorization to Work (ATW).

After the new hire has signed the contract, they have 60 days to turn in the Medical Certification Form (physical), and 30 days from their start date to enroll in Benefits.

Here are some DocuSign Support Articles:

Hiring Phases

Five Phases of the Teacher Staffing Process Under Article 12 of the OEA/OUSD Contract

Selecting Candidates

Initiate the 'Begin Hire' process

When you are ready to select someone and begin their onboarding process, please complete the 'Begin Hire' process in our Applicant Tracking System. In order to do this, your candidate will need to be in our system, have applied for your vacancy, and you will need the candidate's Position Control Number (PCN) for the Begin Hire process. The video on the right will lead you through, step by step. If you run into any trouble, please contact your Talent Development Associate.

Quick Note: In this video, you will hear the term 'UPC', which is a pre-Escape term for PCN. Otherwise, the process is the same! Thank you to Steven Moreno, Rudsdale Newcomer Teacher, for the informative video.