Continuous School Improvement is Seeking Great School Partners!

Why do we need you ?

Every school is continuously working to improve the school experience for their students. Regardless of where you are in the implementation of great strategies and great programs at your school, you probably have examples to show and “lessons learned” to share. Oakland Unified School District, Continuous School Improvement would like to partner with you to help our School Design Cohort Members have a Great School Exposure.

Successful school transformers in Oakland and elsewhere have demonstrated that it is vital that we expose our schools to the models and best practices of our nation’s greatest urban schools. 

It is the goal of Office of Continuous School Improvement to facilitate site visits for schools exploring redesign and active school design teams.

Becoming a host school exemplifies the charge we have all been given to share knowledge and experience across the district. Please complete our interest form and let us know how you would like to participate.