Welcome to the Community Schools Toolkit!

Community School Priorities

  Continuous Improvement

Addressing Chronic Absence

Build school site teams to analyze data, develop innovative systems, and focus on relationships.


Community Schools Orientation

Understand key CSM functions, schedule key meetings, and review key documents.

COST & MTSS Resources

Support highest need students, families & teachers through coaching with Behavioral Health teams.


Work Plan & Impact Report

Use data to identify goals and benchmarks. Submit bi-yearly reports documenting equitable impact.

OUSD Student Health Services

Connect with your SBHC, nurse, or other partners to gather data, review, and set goals.


Data & Needs Assessments

Understand your school data using the research, rubrics, and planning tools available to CSM.

Strengthening Partnerships

Track and maintain partner MOUs & LOAs; ensure partner alignment and integration.


Capacity Building

Build your leadership, SEL, and communication skills with these capacity building resources.

Big Rocks (Incl. Family Engagement)

Create a welcoming climate for families, parent leadership, and access to resources.


Communication Resources

Tell others about Community Schools and the Community School Manager position.

For more info, contact Ali.Metzler@ousd.org.