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What is the Common Core Curriculum Guide?

The Common Core Curriculum Guide represents our current, collective and best thinking about effective and rigorous curriculum:  design specifications for development, selection and implementation aligned with Common Core State Standards and the OUSD LIteracy Framework, in order to prepare our students for college and meaningful career.  It includes guidelines and tools to support schools and teachers in yearlong curriculum mapping, unit and lesson planning and assessment design.  It establishes clear outcomes for common learning experiences while recognizing that those best positioned to make day-to-day decisions about curriculum and instruction are those closest to students, their teachers.  We also consider the Core Curriculum Guide to be a 'living document' that must evolve as our collective understanding of the Common Core deepens and as our teachers continue to develop curriculum that addresses the particular strengths and needs of our diverse student body.

I'Asha Warfield, 7th Grade English Teacher at Frick Middle School.  Teacher of the Year 2012.