Would you like to support us in helping others throughout this difficult journey?  

To be a supporting member click on following link to fill in your contact information so we can keep you up to date on the autism happenings and events in our community! Your name and information will be kept confidential and will not be used or shared for any other purpose!  (see membership info below...)

Supporting Member Registration

Questions & Answers!

Q: What is a Supporting Member?

A: Anyone who has care and compassion for children with autism/special needs and seeks to encourage Our Loving Children to continue their efforts in the community to love, advocate, and educate for these wonderful...special children!

Q: How much does this Cost?

A: Nothing! It's FREE! Our Loving Children, along with many caring donors, pay for all costs and fees connected with events, activities, outings, supplies, resources, etc!

Q: What do I Have To Do?

A: You can do as little or as much as you'd like! You can simply be a fan of what Our Loving Children does and tell others about it! That's all! 

You can also....   

    Be a fan of Our Loving Children on Facebook

    ~ Share Our Loving Children website/info with others

    ~ Attend an Our Loving Children event

    ~ Volunteer your time and/or talents at an event or meeting

    ~ Wear blue in honor of those with ASD and light it up blue in April

    ~ Attend a Our Loving Children support meeting

    ~ Be an advocate, eyes and ears, for a "special" child

    ~Spread autism awareness with those you meet!

Q: How does this Benefit Me?

A: The feelings you will feel when touching the lives of these very special little ones and their families will be the greatest benefit of all! However, the benefit also comes in the form of helping these special children become respectful, caring, productive citizens in our community. We ALL benefit when the members of our community are given the needed tools and resources to help them become more successful!   You will also receive an Our Loving Children affiliate card to refer to and to share with others, the great work we are able to for the community!

Optional Volunteer Opportunities...


If you would like to attend our support group meetings, please see the calendar on this site for the upcoming dates. You are welcome to stop by and participate at any or all of the support meetings.  All support meetings will be held at Sensory World at the Southbridge Mall in Mason City, IA, unless stated otherwise on the calendar. 


Special events may require prior signing up in order to allow for a number count for the required space, supplies, or services offered. Special events will be noted and posted on the "Events" page.

Repite Care Givers

We have many families in desperate need of someone to care for their special needs child. Whether it be for one hour to allow the parent to go to an appointment or to get groceries, or for a much needed break for mom and dad. We are also in need of respite care givers for children while parents attend support meetings and speakers. 

Guest Speakers

If you have a particular gift or knowledge in an area relating to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and would like to share,  we'd love to hear from you! For example, managing I.E.P's  (Individual Education Plan) for your school aged special needs child, diagnosing Autism, Food Aversion, Play Therapy, Safety, etc.


Many of these special kids are non verbal. Often these children need someone (someone the child doesn't know) to stop by their daycare or classroom for an hour or two just to be their eyes and ears and share what you see and hear with the family. Someone who is willing to be the connection between daycare/school and home.