If you find yourself or know someone who is moved to help the special needs children in our area, please contact us using the "Contact Us" form on this site or email us at contact@ourlovingchildren.org  We would LOVE to hear from you!!

Your Goods

We are looking for items to supply our resource library with tools to help our children. We appreciate your donation!

Toys... Large and fine motor items, play dough, action figures, exercise/yoga balls, bubbles, paints

Sensory items...whole grain white rice, clean/new white long men's tube socks, compression vests (vests made with weights inside of them, sand & water toys, shaving cream

Your space...if you have a particular area of interest and have the resources to share, (for example: farming, horses, etc.) that would benefit children with special needs through sensory therapy, social therapy, art therapy, etc.  We would love to hear from you! For example, farm life, dancing, water play, etc.

Your Money

We are in need of community support through donors to help cover the cost of supplies, services, guest speakers, seminars, work shops, educational supports and supplies, and to help sponsor families in need in the North Iowa area.

Your Time

We welcome your personal donation of time to help provide respite service (care) for children with special needs to provide the families with a safe care option while they attend group services, speakers, workshops, etc.  

Your Expertise

We are beginning our venture with hearts full of love and determination. This is a new venture with many avenues yet undiscovered. Your expertise and assistance in any form is very much welcome and appreciated! We welcome those already in the medical field, in the education field, the areas of play therapy, music therapy, occupation therapy, food aversion therapy, etc. to share your knowledge and experience to help families in North Iowa. 


Did we forget anything? If so, please let us know!