Welcome to 
         Our Loving Children...at play! 
This playground is free and open only to families with special needs children. 

        The sensory playground is also available for ANYONE to rent for birthdays, 
special occasions... etc.   
              Just send us an email with your request!                      play@ourlovingchildren.org 

Watch a  sneak peek into Our Loving Children...at play! 

Located at Southbridge Mall in Mason City, IA across from Subway!

School Year Hours (September - May): 
Open every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Summer Hours (June - August):  
Open every Saturday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm 
We will be closed on Sundays for the summer!

We understand the need for ALL children to run, play, and be social. But for children with special needs 
this isn't as easy as we think. The needs of special needs children is different than those children who 
are functioning without daily interventions to maintain their inner balance. Special needs children often 
cannot participate in group activities, cannot maintain self control in certain atmospheres, cannot 
speak, cannot walk, cannot hear,  nor understand social cues or directions. Special needs children are 
also dependent upon interventions such as therapy swings, physically assisted large motor and small 
motor contacts, and calming mechanisms to help them find a healthy, happy balance that would allow 
them to regulate their inner and outer selves. Without this planned, regular sensory time and social 
practice time, many children with special needs cannot function in our community and sadly, are not
always welcome at many places in our community. It is our hope that with this additional sensory time 
in Sensory World, these children will learn the self-regulation skills that because of their special need...
do not come naturally. This in turn would benefit our community as a whole as these special needs 
children enter our schools, stores, restaurants, and eventually the work places.  
                 ~ Thank you for understanding!   

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