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As a parent or caregiver of a person of autism it can be frustrating finding businesses that understand the challenges of shopping, dining and at times just being in public. Everyday events like hair cuts, a trip to the grocery store, ordering at a restaurant or going to a movie theater can turn into a sensory overload.  Most days, these simple tasks become overwhelming and exhausting. 

Our Loving Children understands this reality as we all have loved ones with autism. We, too, face the same challenges as these families and know the difficulties of trying to balance work, family, school and therapy.  We are working hard to encourage a stronger community of acceptance. 

Autism Friendly Location has been created to promote an atmosphere of understanding as businesses extend extra patience and kindness to customers with special needs.  Autism Friendly Location Community Directory is the first of its kind that is specifically designed with the interest of special needs at heart.

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