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A message from our Pastor: MY DEAR PARISH FAMILYonce again, I hope that you are all staying safe and well. It has been a long time (it seems like an eternity) since Fr. Jonathan and I have been with you. We are hoping that the time without you here at OLV will be soon coming to an end. But we shall see. We have been trying to reach out to you through the various means  available to us – Facebook, YouTube videos, the posting of our weekend Masses, postcards,  letters and the like. It is our way of letting you know that we have not forgotten our parishioners and that you are in our daily prayers at Mass and privately. We will continue to journey through this and we will come out the  other side hopefully appreciating what we have a little more.

And along those lines, I want to THANK Fr. Jonathan for getting us up and running on the various social media available. As I have told you before, I am from the generation that grew up with the   rotary phone. All this new technology is foreign to me. And to be honest, I personally do not like it. It can become addictive and it can ruin one's life. I just do a little on the computer, have a cell phone and that is about it. So, I am very glad that Fr. Jonathan can take over the reins on this technology stuff. He knows how to upload, post and get the word out there, all things I do not know. And I pray that through all that he is able to do, you feel like you are not deserted by the church but still feel connected. Thank you, Fr. Jonathan!

Some have asked about FIRST CONFESSIONS AND FIRST COMMUNIONS AND                         CONFIRMATIONS. All that I can say is that we are waiting to schedule when we get the green light to do so. That all depends upon word from Bishop Mark and I am sure he is waiting for      advice from the medical professionals and the governor. And so, the long and short of it is that we are in a continuous holding pattern. As soon as we know something the word will get out and the scheduling of these sacraments will commence.

Please do not find this redundant, but I once again want to THANK all parishioners who continue to support our church through your financial support. Because of your envelopes coming to us through the mail or by on-line giving, or outright gifts to the parish, we are able to meet our bills, especially the payroll for the school, pre-school and rectory. Every Monday around mid-morning I carefully walk down the steps to the table where the counting is taking place and feebly ask, "How did we do this weekend?" Being who I am, I always wait for the bum news – "Not too good." But you know, over the past 5 weeks, I have never heard that once! Every time the totals are given to me warm my heart and I offer a prayer of gratitude to our Father who keeps watching over our parish, especially during this time in our history. Please do not get tired of hearing me say "THANK YOU". But my mother always taught me to say thanks to those who have been good to you. So from the bottom of my heart, I say “THANKS” to all of you who belong to the most generous parish I have ever ministered in or been privileged at which to be assigned.

We are pleased to announce that our Sunday Mass will be broadcast live over Radio Station AM 1450 and FM 103.7 at 9:30am. A video recording of the Mass will be available on OLV's Youtube on Sunday morning starting at 7:30am and available the rest of Sunday at  the OLV YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZORFxNsBEItnAA_shX3BA/

Give Online: https://abundant.co/olvsc    For instructions on how to give online, text or use the Abundant App, please see ONLINE GIVING AND PARISH FORMS, under Home. You can select weekly offering or Easter donation.

Check out our new YouTube channel for remarks from our clergy, type in OLV State College.

OLV Facebook Page: OLV State College is up and running. Please check it out for up to date info about OLV. Like and follow us.


     There are various options to still view Sunday Mass. 
        - Watch Proclaim at 10:30am, followed by Mass with Bishop Mark  at 11:00am on WATM Channel 23.  More information can be found at www.dioceseaj.org
        - EWTN -  www.ewtn.com
        - www.Wordonfire.org   (Daily Mass)
Per directives by Bishop Mark, the Church is now locked until further notice. You may continue your private prayers at home. Please stay safe.

(For everyone's safety, please try to correspond by phone, email or regular mail).

Bishop Mark's latest directives on Covid-19 can be found on www.dioceseaj.org.

Weekly confessions have been canceled until further notice.

First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation are postponed to a later date. 

Listed below are some options for prayer resources for daily readings and prayers:
   www.magnificat.com   (free access to Magnificat)
   www.wau.org     (Word Among Us)
   www.FORMED.org  (use the OLV code: FJ4ZRR)
   www.usccb.org   (US Conference of Catholic Bishops website)

ALL activities and events scheduled in the Activities Center, School and Preschool are cancelled until further notice. The buildings will be locked. 

Our Lady of Victory Youth Ministry

Youth Protection and Clearances for Volunteers  

     ALL VOLUNTEERS are required by the Diocese to have completed the Diocese Youth Protection Program and maintain a clearance every 5 years.

     ALL VOLUNTEERS having contact or responsibility for children have an additional set of requirements that were established by the PA Child Protective Services Law Mandates.  Please note the PA requirements are in addition to the Diocesan Youth Protection Program.

    Details regarding the Youth Protection Program and the Commonwealth requirements are posted on the OLV Catholic School website. Click here and you will be directed to the appropriate page.   

    If you are unsure of your current status or have questions, please email the Youth Protection Coordinator.

 Religious Education Classes (CCD) - In case of inclement weather and to see if religious education classes have been cancelled, please click on this: Religious Education.  

When traveling, use this link to find a Catholic Church near you: http://www.catholicmasstime.org/




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