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Fingerprinting Process

Fingerprinting Process

To volunteer with any of our ministries requiring fingerprinting (particularly those involving children, the elderly, and the disabled), please proceed to the following website to begin the process:


If you have any questions, or need additional information, please call the parish office at 386.255.0433.

Policy and Procedures for Screening of Church Personnel

The Diocese of Orlando is committed to doing everything in its power to ensure the safety of all those entrusted to its care, particularly children, the elderly, and the disabled. We believe that each individual is created in the image of God and must be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, the Diocese of Orlando considers any abuse or neglect of any kind to be totally unacceptable and contrary to Christian principles.

All employees, priests, religious brothers and sisters, and covered volunteers in the Diocese of Orlando will be screened in accordance with this policy. Additional screening will be done for clergy and seminarians according to the policies of the Diocese.

I. Glossary of Terms

  1. "Employee": Any lay person who is employed by or engaged in ministry in any Diocesan entity, whether part-time or full-time, who is given payment for services rendered, and for whom the Diocesan entity is obligated to withhold payroll taxes (FICA, Medicare, and withholding). This definition does not include independent contractors, consultants, vendors or other persons who are not subject to the supervision of the Bishop of the Diocese and for whom no such duty to withhold payroll taxes exists.
  2. "Covered Volunteer": Any unpaid person engaged or involved in a Diocesan activity, or who is involved in a Diocesan ministry and has contact with children, young adults, mentally-challenged children or adults, or the elderly or disabled, whether in a hospital, nursing home, or residential setting, including pastoral visits and distribution of communion.
  3. "Church Personnel": For purposes of this policy only, Church Personnel includes all individuals who minister, work, or volunteer in any school, parish, or ministry of the Diocese whose compliance with this policy is sought. The term has no legal meaning or significance outside the scope of this policy and is not indicative of any employment or agency relationship.

II. Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of those persons under the care of the Diocese, all Church Personnel will be required to submit a completed Criminal Background Check Form as well as a complete set of fingerprints so as to facilitate a criminal background investigation. Eligibility for employment, volunteer work, or ministry will be contingent and conditioned upon a satisfactory background investigation. This background investigation will be updated every five (5) years, except for instructional personnel who are recertified by the State of Florida every five (5) years with an FBI check. This policy applies even if an individual has been cleared through an FBI/VECHS or FDLE check conducted by their employer or another entity.

III. Distribution of Policy and Procedures

A copy of this policy and the procedures for implementation will be distributed to all parishes and other Diocesan entities. All Pastors and designated administrators are to be familiar with this policy and with their respective responsibilities for screening Church Personnel.

IV. Types of Screening

  1. FBI (VECHS) and FDLE: All Diocesan employees and covered volunteers including clergy, principals, instructional personnel, seminarians, school employees, directors of religious education, catechists, youth ministry directors and volunteers, religious brothers and sisters, coaches (whether paid or volunteer), music/choir directors, employees and volunteers of Bishop Grady Villas, counselors of children or vulnerable adults, Boy/Girl Scout Troop Leaders, independent contractors working as substitute teachers or temporary school office personnel, and child care center employees 1 and volunteers will be fingerprinted every five years through the FBI/FDLE screening process. For all individuals, this policy supercedes other requirements of any federal or state policy.
  2. Safe Environment: All Diocesan employees and covered volunteers as outlined in the above paragraph are required to complete Safe Environment Training.

V. Procedures for Implementation

  1. New Church Personnel: Before beginning work or volunteer activities, the individual must complete the appropriate criminal background process and receive clearance from the Office of Human Resources. All offers for any position are contingent upon approval from the Office of Human Resources. All new hires requiring FBI/FDLE checks (and other individuals in emergency cases or when approved by the Office of Human Resources) will be fingerprinted at an approved Diocesan location identified on the Fingerprint Registration Web site. Every five years, these individuals will be required to be re-screened, according to the appropriate type of screening.
  2. General Fingerprinting Procedure: Employee or volunteer applicants must register on the Fingerprint Registration Web site. At the time of registration, an appointment may be made to be fingerprinted at a Diocesan approved location. Applicants must take the barcode (provided at registration) with them to the appointment. Fingerprints may be taken by a Diocesan trained or certified employee or volunteer.
  3. Third Party Vendors: No third party vendors, other than PrideRock Holding Company, Inc., can be used by any Diocesan entity for the purpose of background checks and/or clearance. Results of all fingerprinting and background checks will be processed through the Office of Human Resources for all Diocesan entities.
  4. Safe Environment: After registering on the Fingerprint Registration Web site, applicants will need the barcode provided through that process to take the Safe Environment Training. Applicants may access the training video on the Diocesan Web site. Immediately after viewing the video, applicants will be required to take a subsequent test, consisting of 13 questions. Test results will be automatically forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. Successful completion of this test will satisfy the applicant's Safe Environment Training requirement.
  5. Special Procedures for Schools: Instructional personnel certified through the State of Florida will be re-screened every five years pursuant to the State's certification process (this will include a renewed FBI/VECHS check). All other school employees will be re-screened every five years. The State of Florida certification approval and the related screening results for instructional personnel will be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources.
  6. Records: Digital fingerprint images will be retained in a secure electronic database through PrideRock Holding Company, Inc. Any identified criminal history, along with Diocesan recommendations for clearance, will be held in a secure location in the Chancery.
  7. Clearance Process: Once the background check process has been completed, the Office of Human Resources will notify the parish, school, or designated administrator, electronically in writing, of all individuals who have cleared without restriction. When the completed FDLE/FBI/VECHS background check finds evidence of a conviction or other problem, it is called a "Hit," and the pastor, principal, or designated administrator will be notified confidentially, in writing, regarding the results of the background check and the decision to deny employment or volunteer activity, or restrict an individual's employment or volunteer activity. If an individual is cleared, the notification shall be kept on file at the parish, school, or ministry. Restriction or rejection notices shall be kept in a locked, confidential file, in alphabetical order. When an administrator or pastor is replaced, their replacement shall review the confidential file to ensure that they are aware of any restrictions on a volunteer's or employee's activities. In addition, he or she shall verify, in writing, to the Office of Human Resources that such a review has been completed. Any individual who is rejected or placed on restriction should be told by the pastor, principal, or designated administrator, and given the reasons for the rejection or restriction. If the individual feels there is an error, or that he or she is being unfairly treated, he or she will be required to provide written documentation to the Senior Director of Human Resources before the decision can be reconsidered.
  8. Limitations on Use: The Diocese may not use the criminal records, juvenile records, or abuse registry information of a person obtained through this screening process for any purpose other than determining whether that individual meets the minimum standard for good moral character or is otherwise qualified for the position sought.
  9. Renewals: Covered volunteers and employees needing to be re-fingerprinted must register on the Fingerprint Registration Web site.


VI. Criteria for Excluding an Individual from Service

Background checks involve a search of any criminal history in the State of Florida (or nationwide if FBI/VECHS). When a "Hit" is received, it is brought to the attention of the Office of Fingerprinting, which, based on the seriousness of the crime or incident, decides whether the applicant can work or volunteer for the Diocese. More often than not, the person is permitted to work or volunteer, but with certain restrictions. For example, if a person has had a DUI or reckless driving conviction, he/she is not permitted to drive on behalf of the parish or school. Serious crimes, especially those involving violence or sexual abuse, will result in the applicant not being permitted to work or volunteer for the Diocese. Persons who have a criminal conviction related to the responsibilities of the position the individual will assume (e.g., a bookkeeper applicant convicted of forgery or embezzlement; a bus driver convicted of DUI or reckless driving), may be excluded from employment, volunteer service, or ministry. Failure to meet the minimum standards of good moral character or the reasonable job-related expectations of the Diocese will be sufficient for preclusion (or immediate termination) from employment, volunteer service, or ministry. In addition, individuals who misrepresent or fail to complete accurately their background information, including any criminal record or activity, will be denied employment or volunteer activity, or, if the inaccuracy or misrepresentation is subsequently discovered, the individual may be immediately terminated from employment, volunteer service, or ministry.

VII. Policy and Procedures Must be Strictly Followed

No one, other than a representative of the Office of Fingerprinting, has the authority to modify or allow any deviation from the Policy and Procedures set forth above. Any modification or deviation must be approved in writing. To ensure compliance, spot audits conducted by the Office of Fingerprinting may occur. Church Personnel who fail to follow the Policy and Procedures of the Diocese will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment, removal from ministry, or cessation of volunteer activity.

VIII. Conflicts with Other Policies and Procedures of the Diocese

If there is a conflict between the Policy and Procedures set forth above and any other Policy and Procedure of the Diocese, the Policy and Procedures for Screening of Church Personnel shall prevail.