My Friendly Bag

Five or five hundred. You decide.

The average lifetime of a cloth bag is about three years. If you were able to use five cloth bags for just one year you could forego using 500 or more plastic or paper bags. If you use the same five bags for three years you would keep 1,500 consumable bags out of circulation. If you are a member of an organization of 100 or more people who decide to each use five reusable cloth bags for weekly shopping, you and your friends would replace 50,000 consumable bags with 500 cloth bags in one year and after three years the same bags would replace 150,000 consumable bagsMultiply that by all the shoppers in your neighborhood, your city, your state and the numbers become mindboggling.

Take the lead, one step at a time...

You can make a real difference. Keep a set of cloth shopping bags in the car and you will always be ready for the question, "Paper or plastic?" Just say, "Cloth!" Our Friendly Earth totes are constructed in the USA and are made of all natural #10 cotton duck. They are easily washed with your regular laundry.

Order five bags for $45.00 or individual bags for $10.00 Each. $3.00 Shipping & handling added for orders of 1 to 5 bags. Inquire about larger orders.

Yes! I want to make a difference! - Click link and enter the number of bags you would like in your message. You will receive an email confirmation with payment information.

Make a big difference and fund a special project too!

We will help you design your campaign to become an organization of green-shoppers and earn some green for that special project you have been planning. Offer reusable cloth shopping bags to the members of your organization and make money, double your money and earn a big bonus to help fund that special project you have been hoping to do.

We will customize a slogan for your bag that will advertise your organization's commitment to good environmental stewardship. For example:

At First Fellowship Hall

Hometown, USA


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