School Uniform

                                          CLOTHING AND UNIFORM


Pupils attending schools within West Dunbartonshire Council are strongly encouraged to wear a school uniform.  Our contact with parents in recent years has also made us aware that the vast majority are in favour of uniform.  The wearing of school uniform helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and helps create an ethos of sharing and pride in the school.

Most people tend to form opinions about a school by the appearance and behaviour of the pupils.  West Dunbartonshire Council supports the wearing of school uniform in all of its schools because it:

improves school security by making it easier to identify intruders

builds a sense of identity and belonging to the school

gives pupils an equality of appearance thereby discouraging competition

is cheaper to buy than other clothing which pupils may wish to wear

encourages school discipline and a work ethic amongst pupils

The forms of dress which are unacceptable in school are items of clothing which:

potentially encourage faction (such as football colours)

could cause offence (such as anti-religious or political symbolism)

could cause health and safety difficulties, such as loose fitting clothing, sportswear made of flammable material, and body piercings/jewellery for PE and sport

could cause damage to flooring

carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco

could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do

are valuable or expensive items of clothing or jewellery which present a security issue for the school


Some pupils may be eligible for a clothing grant.  Parents can ask at the school office or they can access information on the council website.  Appendix 1 of our handbook has a copy of the application form for your information.

 The agreed school uniform for Renton Primary is:

                                Grey trousers/pinafore/skirt                          

                                              White shirt/blouse                                         

                                                School tie                                           

                      Maroon sweatshirt                     

          Gold poloshirt             

 Maroon sweatshirts, gold polo shirts and school ties as well as school jackets bearing the school badge can be purchased via order forms available from school office.

The school sends out orders to the suppliers 3 to 4 times a year.  You will be informed of order deadlines via the school newsletter and you will be given an order from to complete.  We ask that all items of uniform be clearly marked/labelled with your child’s name and class to ensure that is does not get lost.

 PE Kit

Pupils should be provided with shorts (or tracksuit bottoms), t-shirt/poloshirt and gym shoes for PE.  At the beginning of the year you will be informed of the days your child shall have PE but we recommend that your child takes their PE kit with them to school every day to ensure they can participate in any physical activities.  We encourage our pupils to be active wherever possible.  PE kits can be left in school if they are kept in a labelled bag and hung on the child’s coat peg. 

Pupils should not wear vest tops or high cut t-shirts and as with school uniform any t-shirts with football colours or offensive slogans should be avoided.

For Health and Safety reasons all jewellery should be removed before PE.  We recommend that if you are considering allowing your child to have a piercing to do this during the summer holidays to allow time for them to heal. Staff cannot remove piercings for pupils.  If piercings cannot be removed before school then an adult will have to come to the school to remove the piercing or alternatively an adult will have covered the piercing with tape before the child comes to school.  If the piercing cannot be removed then the child will be unable to participate in PE and will be given alternative work to complete.