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Communication in the Curriculum

Our Vision

At Renton Language and Communication Unit we strive to provide a highly individualised, structured and nurturing environment which enables our learners to develop as effective communicators and contributors in school and in everyday life.

Our commitments:

We are positive in all our relationships

We work collaboratively with families to understand our learners

We work collaboratively with other agencies to meet the needs of the whole child

We make learning accessible through highly individual and motivating approaches

We meet our learners’ sensory needs

We work to develop self-esteem and resilience

We support the development of all aspects of out learner’s lives

We provide learning experiences which develop life skills

We work with our learners to develop social problem solving skills

We ensure our learners know themselves and can express their thoughts and feelings

We respect and accept each other as unique individuals

We value individual strengths and interests


 Communication Standards:

We value our learners’ communicative attempts

We give positive feedback for effort

We are role models in the language we use

We gain attention before giving verbal instructions

We use simple repetitive language at child’s level

We use concrete, direct language

We give adequate processing time

We use careful questioning to illicit information, opinions and feelings

We use natural gesture to support comprehension

We use visual aids to support comprehension

We use objects, photographs and visual aids to support expression

We extend the child’s language by modelling

We use predictable routines to create structure and security

We use predictable routines to structure communication and language development

We link language to meaningful experiences