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We are learning to be independent in Room 1

posted 17 Mar 2017, 05:05 by Jill Barnfather

    Recently Room one have been doing a lot of shopping for messages, cooking and eating. 
We have visited Morrison's to buy ingredients for Vegetable and lentil soup. We had to push round the trolley, look at the signs to find the right aisles. 
We gathered our ingredients and the we scanned them at the self scanner area. The next week we made  the soup, we had to we chopped and use the blender, food processor and a mortar and pestle. We nearly all tried the soup, not everyone liked it, but we all enjoyed making it. 

    Last week we went to Ardarten, it is a farm shop. We visited Kiwi the pig, it was a big female pig.  Then we chose some food to cook we had a vote to choose which shape of pasta. 
This week we then made the pasta, with sauce and videoed a cooking show whilst we made it. All boys presented a piece of the video, and really enjoyed it, we are going to make other episodes next term. We are going to look at how we can share our cookery shows with our audience. 
Thank you for reading, 
Room 1. 

Wintery Wind farm Adventure

posted 9 Nov 2016, 06:36 by Jill Barnfather

Today Room 1and P7 have been to Whitelees Windfarm on Eaglesham Moor. It was foggy, snowy and cloudy and was really cold. 
We went on a bus tour to the wind turbines. Our driver told us lots of information about wind turbines and wildlife.
He told us about the massive size of the turbines and bolts. The turbines are 110 metres or 140 metres high. 

Our favourite insect was the dragonflies which eat midges and we liked the carnivorous plant, the Sundew. 
The blades can be 3 different sizes 40m, 45m or 50 metres long. 

We had a fan- tastic workshop ( get it :) ) about wind turbines and we investigated how changing the shape and the number of blades changed the amount of electricity made. 
Afterwards we went to the exhibition in the visitor centre we watched a video about the origins of Whitelees wind farm. 

Thank you for reading about our adventure. :)

Halloween Fun

posted 31 Oct 2016, 13:40 by Paula Priestley

Today we had some spooky Halloween fun. We carved pumpkins, researched Halloween jokes for trick or treating and had great fun at the parade. Room 1 and Room 3 came together for party games, snack and dookin' for apples. It was great fun!

Art, baking and tuck shop

posted 28 Oct 2016, 03:43 by Jill Barnfather

It has been a noisy and busy week in Room 1. 
Room 1 has been preparing a Halloween tuck shop for our parents and guardians. 
We were making bloody cup cakes with edible mint glass, chocolate bats, freaky finger cakes and eyeball cupcakes. 
The baking took a long time but it turned out... amazing! We researched recipes and voted for 4 Halloween cakes, then we went to the shop and bought all the ingredients. 
At the tuck shop we asked for donations.   We enjoyed it a lot even though it was hard work!

On Thursday in our family groups we made Renton posters printing with lego bricks, we made figures inspired by Keith Haring a graffiti artist. We also decorated a word with googly eyes. It was great working in our family groups. 

Thank you for reading our latest blog. 

Lego Therapy

posted 7 Oct 2016, 07:15 by Paula Priestley

The Room 1 pupils are developing their social skills through Lego Therapy. Today we introduced the different roles:
Engineer: Gives instructions to the builder and supplier. Has to give clear descriptions of the pieces and clear instructions using positional language as to where to put the piece.
Supplier: listens carefully to the description given by the Engineer and finds the correct pieces to give to the Builder.
Builder: listens carefully to the positional language used by the Engineer to put the pieces together. 

Each group worked well together and managed to build their Lego creation (group 1 built a birthday cake and group 2 built a helicopter). I heard some great language being used and some children demonstrating their listening skills really well. 
WAY TO leGO boys!!!!

Google Expedition

posted 29 Sep 2016, 12:38 by Paula Priestley

This afternoon the room 1 pupils got the chance to take part in a Google Expedition. Using mobile phones as goggles they got to explore so many different places. We visited Rio, the moon and under the sea. The children really enjoyed being part or this unique opportunity- we are one of the first schools in the country to have had this opportunity.

Room 1's legendary adventure

posted 9 Sep 2016, 05:45 by Paula Priestley

This week in Room 1. We went to visit SKapade. And we asked questions to Stephen g and Stephen k and Stuart.
We got to walk around the studio.
We watched videos
It was awesome!!!!
Rowan came to the school all day on Monday and Tuesday to teach us dancing for the I am showcase .
Rowan taught us how to do corners huddle groups the handshakes and the numbers dance.
It was interesting, great, and fabulous!
we are  feeling nervous embarrassed excited and also happy for our parents to come and see all of our creative achievements.

This week's interesting events and activities...

posted 2 Sep 2016, 03:43 by Jill Barnfather

This week in Room 1 has been a busy week, we have started our Monkey Business competition entry. We are going to design a computer game for a primates exhibition. THis week we had to give our opinions on computer games, we found this made us happy and it was interesting. 
We have continued our I am project by meeting djs from Skapade studios and they taught us how to do music and we "loved it" and we were "excited". During photography we had to choose our pose amd prop to show who we are, We also decided our backgrounds and which camera effects to use.

In Maths this week we have been learnting to measure and we have enjoyed a matching game. 

This blog was written by Room 1. 

I am...

posted 30 Aug 2016, 10:02 by Paula Priestley   [ updated 30 Aug 2016, 10:11 ]

As part of our current IDL topic we have been researching a local arts organisation. We chose to research SKapade- a music studio based in Dumbarton. Today we had a visit from 2 DJs from SKapade who taught the children all about the different jobs within the creative industries  before letting them have a go on the decks. The kids really enjoyed it!
Next week we will be going to visit the SKapade studio and will get to see how music is made.  Watch out for new photos of that.

Parent Survey

posted 19 Jun 2016, 02:19 by Lynne Dempster

Dear All,

We would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time in completing the survey below.  It will support us in planning and designing our curriculum for next session.

Many Thanks


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