Additional Support Needs

At Renton Primary we strive to meet the needs of all our individual pupils.  Consequently we aim to identify and support additional needs as they arise.  Most children will require additional support at some time for either emotional, physical, behavioural or academic reasons.  All the adults in the school are proactive in nurturing and supporting our pupils to deal with their needs on a day to day basis.  

There are times, though, when we need to offer targeted support for a pupil for either emotional, physical, behavioural or academic reasons.  At these times we follow a process called Staged Intervention.  At Renton this looks like:

Stage 1
The parent/guardian, teacher or other key adult may raise a concern about a child.  Consequently all the key adults working with the child will be made aware of the concern and monitor and support the child
Stage 2
At this stage it may be decided that more concrete support needs to be put in place such as being part of a Support Group, receiving additional support from a key adult or differentiated work programmes to support academic needs.  Parents are kept informed of theses supports formally at Parent's Evenings and informally through home-school discussions
Stage 3
At this stage a written plan is put in place to support the child's needs with set targets.  Parents/Guardians will be invited to an annual Review Meeting to discuss their child's progress.  It is also at this stage that other agencies may be involved such as the Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist etc. 
Stage 4
At Stage 4 it has been recognised that the child has complex needs and they will be supported by a detailed Support Plan.  The Plan is reviewed at least annually with the child's Parent/Guardian