Teaching Staff

 Headteacher                 -  Mrs M. Wilson

Depute Headteacher    -  Mrs L. McGlashan

Principal Teacher          -  Miss S. Melvin
                                           Mrs M. Thomson

Primary 1D       -   Miss S. Docherty
Primary 1T       -   Mrs M. Thomson

Primary 2M       -    Mrs C. MacKenzie
Primary 2Y.       -    Miss L Young

Primary 3          -    Mrs A. Wilson
Primary 4/3       -    Miss S. McLaney
Primary 4          -    Miss S. Melvin

Primary 5.         -    Miss H McGhie
Primary 6/5       -    Mr G. Hall
Primary 6          -    Mrs J. Gibson/Mrs M. Millar

Primary 7B       -    Miss A. Buchan
Primary 7D       -    Mr J. Doherty 

Additional Teaching Staff
Mrs J. Brown
Miss L. McNaught
Mrs M. McNeill 
Mrs A. Roberts

Pupils receive support for learning from visiting staff, brass and violin instructors come to school each week.