Eco Committee


Eco Scotland recognises the work undertaken by schools to protect the environment by awarding a Green Flag to those who meet the success criteria for their chosen topics. Everyone in Gavinburn was delighted, therefore, when we were awarded our second Green Flag in June 2014. This was the result of dedicated, hard work by the whole school to reduce litter, minimise waste and become more aware of the impact of food production on our environment. We are now going for our third Green Flag and hope to achieve this by June 2016.

Our new targets are:

Litter (compulsory)           Biodiversity           Sustaining Our World 

These topics were chosen because they fit so well with the fantastic work we have been doing on developing outdoor areas for learning and becoming a Rights Respecting School.

Our Eco committee play an important part in achieving our targets. Every class in Gavinburn has an Eco representative whose job is to help our school become more aware of the importance of looking after our environment and enable all our pupils to become actively involved in achieving our Eco targets.

This session, our Eco Committee members are:

P1B – Archie      P1D - Eva     P2M – Ruby     P2T – Daisy     P3 – Sarah

      P4/3 – Luke           P4 – Peyton          P5  - Lucy           P6/5 – Emily       

           P6 - Oliver         P7D  – Ben          P7H – Calvin        


Any support that parents can offer is very welcome. If you have any expertise or experience in supporting the environment or being apparent member of our Eco Committee we would love to hear from you.