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HE>i, is our theme this school year, and what a great reminder for all of us, young and old. As children of God, we hold on to the promises and strength of our Almighty God. HE is there when those around us take shots at us, pull us down, make us feel less than we are, and lifts us up. HE is there in our loneliness and solitude, when the evil one wants us to feel forgotten. HE is there in our joy and celebrations, showing us his goodness. This theme, based on the song Greater from Mercy Me, reminds us that we are holy righteous, and redeemed by the One who gave his son for us. He>i, and how lucky am I, because HE loves me? HE fills those times we feel forgotten hurt by others. HE won the war over the sin and death of this world. HE>i, in every way and because of our baptism we are assured, the One living inside of each of us is greater than he who is living in the world."

Check out the song!