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This will be updated with what kinds of things you should have for homework in class. Please also check out other teachers' websites you might have as well, like Mr. K or Mr. Vanic.

World History (7th grade): Test on Egypt (Ch 4) is MONDAY.

US History (8th grade):

Science (6th grade): Changing Earth's Surface worksheets. Most of you finished in class.

Science (8th grade): Science lab on the penny catcher and collisions. Keep the things you wrote; we'll do more with it (and collisions) on Thursday.

Math (7th grade): More 1 Step with Dividing Fractions. There are a lot of things to this, but take it one step at a time. Show your steps and write it out well, and you will probably be okay (at least I can see what you did wrong otherwise). Remember that you will do the reciprocal of the second fraction when dividing, not the first. SHOW YOUR WORK otherwise you will likely flip the wrong one.

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