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Frequently Asked Questions

I wrote an article on this or a similar topic in another reference work. Can I write for the Encyclopedia?
If you have contributed an article on the same or a similar topic to another reference work, you are not hindered from contributing to the Dictionary of African Biography unless the other reference work was a multivolume encyclopedia dealing with African thought intended to be sold to libraries. We expect that your treatment of the topic will be different because of the Encyclopedia’s subject matter and scope.

I would like to collaborate with another scholar in writing the article. Is that possible?
If you wish to collaborate with another scholar in writing your article, let the managing editor at Oxford know of the coauthor’s name and address and how the honorarium is to be divided. We will issue a revised Schedule A to you and a complete agreement to the other scholar.
To whom should I send my manuscript?
Send your article to the project e-mail address listed in the Contributor’s Manual, dab@oup.com.
Put the article title (or a short version of it) in the Subject line.
When will I receive the check for my honorarium?
The check will be issued when the editors have reviewed and approved your manuscript. Depending on how busy they are, approval could take a few weeks or a few months. The editors may ask for revision to your article.
Note that we need your social security number (or citizenship if you not a United States person) and your current postal address at time of publication so that checks and books are sent to your current address. Please send any change of address to the project e-mail address, dab@oup.com, with the subject heading “Change of Address.”
I don’t live in the United States. My bank will charge me a large fee to cash your check in U.S. dollars. Is there some other way that I can receive my honorarium?
We can arrange payment in several alternative ways:

In pounds sterling; checks will be issued by our office in Oxford, U.K., once a month and may be slightly delayed.
In OUP books shipped from our warehouse at Cary, North Carolina.
If you prefer one of these forms of payment, send an e-mail to the project e-mail address, dab@oup.com, with the heading “Alternative Payment.”

When will I see the copyedited version of my article?
We will not begin copyediting until we have received about 50 or 60 percent of the entries, so please be patient. Check this website occasionally for news about the project and its progress.
When will I see proofs of my article?
You are not required to review the proofs of your article. Galleys and page proofs will be diligently checked by OUP’s proofreaders.
Will I receive an offprint of my article?
We regret that we will be unable to provide offprints of articles upon publication of the Encyclopedia.
How should I cite the encyclopedia for a CV, tenure review, or the like? 
[Your name]. "[Article title]." In Dictionary of African Biography. Edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Emmanuel Akyeampong. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
Will I receive a copy of the Encyclopedia?
No, contributors will not receive a free or complimentary set of the Encyclopedia, nor can they apply their honoraria against the purchase of a set. Upon publication, contributors will be offered an opportunity to buy the Encyclopedia at a reduced price.
I have a book proposal. To whom should I send it?
A list of Oxford University Press editors with their subject specialties is available on the OUP website at http://www.oup.com/us/corporate/contacteditor/?view=usa.