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Peter van den Dungen
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Welling Hall
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John Horton
John Gittings 
Joyce Neu 

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Kai Fritjof Brand- Jacobson
Izura Anzai
Karlheinz Koppe

Welcome to the International Encyclopedia of Peace contributor website.  By following the links above, you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions about Oxford's policies and processes. If you cannot find something, please feel free to email us with questions or comments at peace.encyc@oup.com.

This website describes the procedures we expect to follow. It is intended to assist you in planning and writing your article and in preparing your manuscript for submission. The rules and principles are offered as guidelines only and not a set of immutable laws covering every editorial eventuality. If your article presents a special problem that warrants deviation from any of the rules given here, or if you have questions about scope, styles, format, or procedure, contact the managing editor.

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