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Previous members

Edgar A. Pogna  Hung Gar Instructor 2009-2013; founder       

Jian Min Sim      
Wing Chun Instructor 2010-2012

Felix Flicker
            Northern Praying Mantis instructor 2009-2010, founder

Kung Fu is an overarching term referring to many distinct martial arts. There are many similarities but also many differences. At the OUKFC it is possible to study lots of styles through the classes and seminars. For beginners, the similarities of the styles will provide a coherent set of skills. For more experienced learners, the differences will demonstrate multiple ways to understand.

I taught Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu from Michaelmas 2009, while doing the fourth year of my physics degree at St Catz. I have been learning Kung Fu since 2001, when I randomly attended a free session (and never looked back!).

Jake Colman       Wing Chun seminars instructor 2009-2010, founder

Having trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu for 3 years before starting university, I was dissappointed to find that there was no university Kung Fu classes, and the only Wing Chun around was far too expensive for me. So I was very happy to help out Edgar start up the Kung Fu Club and to learn about other disciplines within Kung Fu. I very much enjoyed the training and teaching from OUKFC, with its relaxed but hard working atmosphere and very affordable and frequent training.

I reccomend Kung Fu to anyone with an interest in martial arts, as both an effective fighting style as well as a way to get fit and learn more about the use of your own body.