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Committee 2013-2014

President: Marcus C. Häggrot    

Having trained kung fu for a few years before coming to Oxford in
2010, I was happy to find that there was a student-run kung fu club
in Oxford. I joined OUKFC, liked the open, relaxed, but concentrated
spirit of the club, and stayed.

Taking over as the new president of club, I hope to maintain this spirit, so that OUKFC remains a friendly place for committed training.

Secretary: Jacques Deere

Firstly, I am a total beginner at kung fu. I came to Oxford at the beginning of 2013 and decided to start kung fu as I had an interest in it for a while. I really enjoy the training, it is focused but the atmosphere is relaxed. My intention is to carry on with kung fu while I am in Oxford and so was more than happy to take on the position of secretary.

Treasurer: Ruud Skipper

I'm a third year who's been learning Hung Gar with OUKFC since I came to Oxford in 2011. I've stayed with the club thanks to the enjoyable atmosphere and the steady progress I've been making under our very capable instructors, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to keep fit and learn a bit of self defense.

I look forward to my year as treasurer and hope to help out the club wherever possible.

IT Officer:            Jonathan Kochems

I am a first year graduate student at Worcester College. Last year I took up Kung fu with the club and so I'm relatively new to Kung fu and martial arts, just like the majority of our members. The physical as well mental exercise is what I enjoy about Kung fu and I hope, some day I will get the hang of it.