OUKFC is a club of students with a passion for traditional chinese martial arts. Our main purpose is to share knowledge of the art and to train.

The club is offering courses in two different style of Kung Fu: 

- Tiger and Crane style: "Hung Gar" 

- close-combat and Bruce Lee style, "Wing Chun"

Training sessions are run during term times, while vacation sessions are primarily used to consolidate and improve on techniques.

We also encourage our members to arrange performances for various occasions. Our instructors have participated as actors and Martial Arts Choreographers but we also encouraged students to participate in promoting the art.

The first sessions in Michaelmas Term 2013 are on Monday of 1st week, i.e. 14 October.

Please feel welcome to come along!

(See Schedules for practical info.)


OUKFC Promotional Video


Kungfu Drama Shows Organised in 2010-2011:
- Chinese new year gala 2011 held at Oxford Town Hall (Received Filming by BBC-Oxford during one of our rehearsals)
- Chinese new year event at Oxford Said Business School
- Chinese new year gala 2011 held at Cambridge's Corn Exchange Theatre
- Chinese new year event held at Oxford Student Union Chamber 

Kungfu Drama Shows Organised in 2009-2010:

- Chinese new year gala 2010 held at Oxford's Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford International Festival '10 held at Oxford's Examination Schools

- Oriental Ball held at Oxford's Freud


We train in Iffley Road Sport Center, inside Rugby Fives Court (Ask for directions at the reception of Iffley Sports Complex).