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Video Tutorial Collection
All students, teachers, and staff in our school district have a Google account. This series of 5 videos will help you take advantage of the simple yet powerful features Google has to offer to teachers and students. Check out the BIG FAT Google Guide.

All Video Tutorials

All Video Tutorials
A collection of videos to help with everything from getting started with Google to helping teachers integrate technology into their classroom workflow.
Mini Tutorials
Quick, step-by-step tutorials for busy people.

You can open and edit MS Office files on a Chromebook or in the Chrome browser. See how.

You can use Microsoft Outlook to access your email account. It's easy! Just follow these steps to set it up.

URL Shortening ( and
You've probably seen people post links that look like "" or ""... read more

This can be a useful trick for troubleshooting weird problems in the Chrome browser.

Safety Mode is YouTube's automatic content filter that is intended to block  potentially inappropriate content for users that don't want to see it. Unfortunately, it's not always accurate... read more

A great resource for learning how to utilize Google Apps and Chromebooks in the classroom (this tutorial is not-so-mini).