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Classroom Rules



  • Everyone has a right to learn.
  • Everyone has a right to be safe.
  • Think before you act.
  • Be respectful to each other.
  • Have a positive attitude, and encourage others to do the same.  
  • Verbal warning
  • √ after name; recess penalty
  • √√ - phone call home; additional recess penalty
  • √√√ - sent to office

  • Assignments are always given due dates.  Failure to meet these will meet the consequences listed above.
  • Students have one day to finish late assignments in order to receive credit.  Parents will receive a note explaining the late assignment.
  • All late work is expected to be completed.
  • Late work is factored into Effort grades and occasionally Academic grades.
  • All students are to be polite to each other.
  • During classroom discussion, students will raise their hand before speaking.
  • Students will listen respectfully to their teacher and their fellow classmates, and will not interrupt while someone else is speaking.
  • Students are to follow directions the first time given.  

  • Every paper will have a proper heading.  Full name, date, and subject, along the right-hand margin of the paper.
  • Handwriting will be neat and legible.  If it is sloppy, you will be asked to do it again.  Cursive is preferred and encouraged.
  • Spelling and grammar will be done to the best of your ability on everything.
  • For essays, typing is preferred.