Welcome to Mr. Fauth's Classroom Website!
Homework for AT Math and Reading can be found here

Well, I've moved back over to the Gifted and Talented program, so this website won't be of much use anymore. Additionally, they've switched email servers, so Oswego308 is now School District 308. Not sure if this site will survive the migration, but I'll hang onto it for now.

If you are looking for Mr. Fauth's AT page, I'm waiting a bit until the new SD308 website gets up and running, to see if we teachers will be required to use a specific web hosting program, or if we will be free to use our own. So stay tuned.

Until then, you are welcome to look around here, to get an idea of what my 5th grade site was like, and you can also visit BrianFauth.com, which is a personal site I maintain, but is very kid-friendly. It centers more on the travel and theatrical sides of my life, but I have a fair amount of education-related posts on there as well.