Fall Trees
I am currently using a google classroom site with my classes. I post daily what we did in class and attach the assignments we completed. If students are absent, they can see what they've missed and even print the assignments right off the website! I will also alert you about upcoming tests/quizzes/other due dates. Students: go to http://www.classroom.google.com to access the site. All current students were emailed access to the site, but if you need access or further instruction to reach my google classroom site, please email me for more information. 

For work prior to February 1, 2017, please check out my website at 
http://kimakbio.wordpress.com/  This site was updated daily and has information about what we did in class each day. 
If you email me, I'd be happy to tell you the password to view my entries on the site.

Some other resources you may find useful:

Jupiter Grades

Survival of the Sickest PDF - AP Bio You may have trouble accessing this link from school computers due to the safety settings. 

Mastering Biology - AP Bio