College Economics, High School Economics, and Participation in Government

Oswego High School

COVID-19 Update:  All class materials (PowerPoints, readings, past assignments) are available under the links on the left side of this page.  You can work on any assignments that you already have, that are late, or that you owe due to absence.  No new work is being assigned at this time.  Additional links to enrichment resources are on the OCSD website Oswego.org under "Remote Enrichment Materials" and other are below on this page.  The links for Participation in Government below and the P.I.G. link on the left are for both Mr. Hall and Mrs. Babcock's P.I.G. classes.  If you have any questions please email me or Mrs. Babcock.  

email: Mr. Hall

Please use the links for your class found in the left margin of this page to access the PowerPoints, handouts, and review sheets that we use in class.

Covid-19 School Closure Enrichment Links:

Economics (all classes):
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        New York State Standards for this course as well as other useful information
        Useful site for both students and adults in Oswego County