In the 1960s, Hans Zassenhaus (1912 - 1991) began the Zassenhaus Group Theory Conference series as a place where any mathematician could come and talk about his/her work, meet with colleagues, and talk about math.  The conference series has changed names slightly over the years, but the tradition continues -- group theorists come together with universal algebraists, loop theorists, combinatorialists, and other researchers each year to talk about mathematics at the Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference. 

2017 Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference
May 26 - 28
Binghamton University

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Binghamton University (SUNY) is pleased to host the 2017 Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference on Memorial Day weekend, Friday 5/26 - Sunday 5/28. In addition to established mathematicians, the organizers would like to invite graduate students and young group theorists to consider attending. All speakers will be given equal time, typically 20 minutes. 

The local conference organizers this year are Fernando Guzman (fer@math.binghamton.edu) and Phillip Wesolek (pwesolek@binghamton.edu).  More information and registration will be posted as it becomes available.

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The permanent organizing committee:
    Fernando Guzman (fer@math.binghamton.edu), Binghamton University
    Luise Kappe (menger@math.binghamton.edu), Binghamton University (emeritus)
    Arturo Magidin (magidin@member.ams.org), University of Louisiana - Lafayette
    Elizabeth Wilcox (elizabeth.wilcox@oswego.edu), State University of New York at Oswego

This website is currently being maintained by Elizabeth Wilcox, Fernando Guzman, and Phillip Wesolak.  Readers are welcome to contact any of us with questions or suggestions.

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