Information Literacy and Distance Learning

Jim Nichols

Librarian for Information Literacy, Distance and Online Learning, History and Philosophy

Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego, , 315-312-3549

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Librarians and Libraries: Communities of Practice and Social Institutions

"Books are for use" is Ranganathan's First Law of Library Science. I continue to try to work out what that means for librarians in the age of the internet.

"The 3 Directions" is my model for information literacy situated in undergraduate learning. This blog will help me develop and apply the model.

Humanities, Anthropology and Educational Administration

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Jim Nichols is Assistant Coordinator of Instruction and Distance Learning Librarian at Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego. He has worked in reference and instruction services at Liverpool Public Library, Indiana University Bloomington, Walden University, Wilmington College (Ohio), Indiana University East, and the University of Denver. Other academic work experience includes media services; teaching English; and teaching library and information science. His education includes a BA at Oklahoma City University, an MA in English at the University of Oklahoma, an MLS at the University of Denver, and doctoral studies at IU Bloomington in library and information science.

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