Application Description

The application features the use of GPS and is designed to be used while driving.
There are two main features of the application:

    The first is a speed limit indicator which will notify the driver of the current speed limit     and alert them if they are approaching this speed. Speed limit information is pulled from a
    database on the web (Wikispeedia). There are several ways in which the driver is warned if       they are approaching a customizable speed limit threshold. The background color of the
    application changes as they approach the threshold. Alarms include flashing background and
    audio. These alarms can be toggled on and off by the user.

    The second feature is an upcoming attractions display. The user chooses the types of
    attractions they are interested in seeing (examples: rest stops, restaurants, stores, etc.).
    The program displays upcoming attractions in geospatial order. As attractions are passed,
    they are removed from the screen.

Project Requirements

    The application...
    * runs on Android OS (2.2 and above).
    * is developed in Eclipse IDE using the Android sdk.
    * requires internet connectivity (3G/4G or WiFi).
    * utilizes the Google places API for local attraction information.
    * utilizes the Wikispeedia database for speed limit data.
    * utilizes GPS to determine the user's current location and speed.
    * displays the current speed limit.
    * calculates and displays the users current speed.
    * has the ability to submit speed limit data to Wikispeedia.
    * requires minimal input and attention from the user in order to minimize distraction while
* Application activities require no more than 3 inputs while driving.
    * alerts the user when approaching speed limit threshold.
     * The speed limit threshold is customizable.
* There are several ways in which the user is alerted...
            * A changing background color. Color becomes more intense as the user approaches
            * An audio alarm when the threshold is passed. There is a default alarm and the
                user can also customize this.
* The user can select which alerts he/she would like to have.
    * displays upcoming attractions to the user.
* The user can customize the type of attractions which they wish to see.
* This is done in a seperate menu before driving.
        * Attractions are prioritized first by what is upcoming on the current street.
            Additionally, attractions within a certain radius are displayed.
* The attractions are arranged in spatial order, indicating proximity to the user.
* Attractions which the user has passed are removed from the screen.
* Attractions can be "clicked" on in order to launch GPS navigation
            (seperate Android application) to navigate to said attraction.
    * features an adjustable backlight for night driving.
    * utilizes network resources in an efficient manner.

    * has a disclaimer splash screen, which the user must agree to, stating the following:
      "This application is not intended to replace normal driving habits or instruments.
        Speed limit data from this application may not be accurate. Vehicle speed data my not
        be accurate. The creators of this application do not condone speeding or irresponsible
        driving. This application is intended as a technology demonstration only. Use at your
        own risk."

    * use a shared Eclipse workspace synchrozied by Github source code repository.
    * use prototypes and test frequently. New features and prototypes are shared amongst
        developers weekly.