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Frequently Asked Advisement Questions

1. When are the BIO courses offered for the Biochemistry degree?

Fall only:
BIO 315
BIO 316
Fall and Spring only:
BIO 309
BIO 310

2. Do I need a C- in all of my major courses?

For a chemistry or biochemistry major, the answer is NO.

Some majors do require that all of their students receive
a C- in their major courses. The only requirement we have
is that students graduate with an overall 2.0 in their major.

3. How will repeating a course impact my financial aid?

If a student is repeating a D course, those credits cannot count
as part of the academic load for fiancial aid purposes
(can not count the credits twice). Therefore it is important
that students register for at least 15 credits if repeating a 3
credit course and 1 credits if repeating a 4 credit course.