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Frequently Asked Advisement Questions

1. Do I need a C- in all of my major courses?

For a chemistry or biochemistry major, the answer is NO.

Some majors do require that all of their students receive
a C- in their major courses. The only requirement we have
is that students graduate with an overall 2.0 in their major.

2. How will repeating a course impact my financial aid?

If a student is repeating a D course, those credits cannot count
as part of the academic load for financial aid purposes
(can not count the credits twice). Therefore it is important
that students register for at least 15 credits if repeating a 3
credit course and 1 credits if repeating a 4 credit course. 

3. How do I register for research?

Two credits of capstone research is a requirement during the senior year for Chemistry and Biochemistry BS majors (1 credit of CHE 494 in the fall and the 2nd credit in the spring).
In order to register for capstone research CHE 494, you must fill out an independent study form in the chemistry department office (you can not register for this through myoswego). Please tell Chris you need to register for Capstone CHE 494. In order for her to process this form, you need to know who you will be working with.The good projects seem to get picked up first, so do not wait too long if you have a favorite. You will need to keep Fridays from 3-4pm free in your schedule for weekly capstone meetings.

Our majors have the option to do an internship instead (CHE 498-you would register in the Experienced Based Education office in the Compass)

Occasionally we have allowed summer research programs to count for the capstone requirement.  However, this must be pre-approved by us PRIOR to beginning the experience and then your results must be shared with the dept for final approval.