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Treasurer - Dan Hoefer

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 Health & Safety News

NYS & CSEA Partnership for
Education and Training

Attention CSEA-represented NYS Employees:

The NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training is pleased to announce two new online learning certificate programs for CSEA-represented NYS employees.

The Interpersonal Communication Certificate Program is a learning opportunity for employees who are looking to improve relationships with their peers and supervisors. The Microsoft Outlook 2013 Certificate Program will help employees improve their job skills and enhance their knowledge of the Microsoft Outlook application.

Employees can apply for one or both of these programs between June 1 and July 1, 2015. In order to earn a certificate, participants must successfully complete all required courses between June 1 and December 31, 2015. Employees may take courses at home or at work with supervisory approval. Space in these statewide programs is limited so please apply as soon as possible.

For further information, please click on the links below to view the promotional flyers or contact the Partnership at (518) 486-7814 or email learning@nyscseapartnership.org.


CVS  CareMark Mail Service Order Form

If you formerly used Medco for your mail in prescriptions, you will need to contact your healthcare provider for new written prescriptions and submit them to CVS CareMark using the

Mail Service Order Form

Worker's Memorial Day

April 28th is Worker Memorial Day. A day when CSEA and workers across the country pause to remember those workers who have died while doing their jobs. Thousands of workers die each year and just as many if not more are injured on the job. In 1980 CSEA helped to introduce and pass the Public Employee Safety and Health Act and dedicated activists fight every day to make sure that it is enforced.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administrations General Duty Clause section 5(a)(1) states: "Each employer-- shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees". If you have a "reasonable" concern that your work site or assigned task or duties have the possibility to cause you physical harm, you have a right to contact a union representative, member of your Safety and Health Committee or Department of EH&S without fear of retaliation or discrimination by your supervisor or employer.  As hard as your safety activists fight, YOU are the person most responsible for your safety! Everyone has a right to go home at the end of your work shift and no one should have to die on the job. CSEA has some of the best Safety and Health activists, trainings and resources available anywhere.

For more information speak to any of your union representatives and visit www.cseany.org.  
                            ~Mourn for the dead, Fight for the living

ALSO - April once again kicks off CSEA's Don't Zone Out campaign meant to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving in work zones. Since the union began keeping track in 1983, nearly 50 CSEA members have been killed in work zones and nearly 600 fatalities happen each year across the country. Stay calm, be patient and pay attention when entering and driving through work zones. Ignore the texts and ringing phone and keep your eyes on the road. An orange flag, rubber cones and a reflective vest are no match against a vehicle being operated by a distracted driver. Remember, those workers are our union brothers and sisters and they want to go home at the end of their day too.

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