About My Classes 
    I teach grades 6-12. Middle school students take art as one of their 9-week rotations. High school students are permitted to take one of the three art electives: 3D Art, Drawing and Painting, or Graphic Design and Photography. Seniors who have taken all three art electives may take Portfolio Art their senior year. Portfolio Art is structured as an independent study opportunity for seniors to further explore art media and processes that most interest them. It is also an opportunity for seniors who may be considering a career in the arts to build a portfolio for professional use and/or college acceptance. 

    Each of the classes I teach (middle and high school) have a page on this website which is intended to provide you with specific information about the class and the projects. During the school year I update each class page regularly to include information about current projects and pictures of completed projects. To get started, click either the middle school or high school option on your left, then click on your student's specific class subpage. If you are the parent of a student who is a member of our Arts & Humanities Club, you will also find a link to that website on the left. First, click on the Arts & Humanities Club link, then click on the Arts & Humanities Club website link. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like to get involved in the arts at OV, you may contact me via e-mail at lrinamon@oswayo.com. Thank you for visiting my site, and thank you for supporting the arts!