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Working Together To Ensure All Students Learn and Feel a True Sense of Belonging.

Within this plan, Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union has developed a Curriculum Framework that is made up of 10 elements from Schooling by Design that will help all of our students achieve the Supervisory Union ENDs.  The revisions of our curricula are the focus of seven curriculum committees.  As we have learned from Robert Marzano's meta-analysis in What Works in Schools, the development of a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the number one factor at the school level for student success.  Please see our definition of a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  The ten components of supervisory union curriculum are:

  1. Statements of Mission, and Learning Principles
  2. K-12 Overarching Enduring Understandings and Essential Question
  3. Learning Progressions and Grade Level Benchmarks
  4. Cornerstone Assessments
  5. Common Rubrics
  6. Anchor Papers
  7. Enabling Strategies and Differentiation Instruction
  8. Diagnostic and Formative Assessments
  9. Troubleshooting
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation 

For details about each component please click here and below is a table that crosswalks each component and the content areas.  Please click in the appropriate cell to see that component in that content area. 

 Component  Literacy Math   Science Social Studies  Art  Music   Physical Education
 1  Mission

Mission   Mission Mission  
Mission   Mission  
 EUs & EQs  EUs & EQs   EUs & EQs   EUs & EQs   EUs & EQs   EUs & EQs  
 3 LP
Grade Level Benchmarks
LPGrade Level Benchmarks   LP
Grade Level Benchmarks 
Grade Level Benchmarks  
Grade Level Benchmarks 
Grade Level Benchmarks  
 4 Assessments Assessments   Assessments   Assessments Assessments   Assessments  
 5 Writing Rubrics    Rubrics         
 8 AIMSweb  AIMSweb            

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