World Literature- (Period 8)

This course meets during period eight!

Homework Assignments:

 Assignment:      Due Date:
Take the welcome letter to your parents (take a pic to document)

Vocabulary Application Lesson One- Schoology    Thurs 9/5
Vocabulary Quiz Lesson One     Fri 9/6
Vocabulary Application Lesson Two- SchoologyWed 9/11
Vocabulary Quiz Lesson TwoFri 9/13
Act 1 Scene 1 Reading Check on SchoologyMon 9/16
Vocabulary Application Lesson ThreeWed 9/18
Complete Act 1 Scene 4 Reading CheckMon 9/23
Complete Literary Devices Work Act OneMon 9/30
Vocabulary Application Lesson FourWed 10/2
Final Vocab Quiz Q1Fri 10/4
Shakespeare Summative Tuesday in-classTues 10/22
Complete Lord of the Flies Introductory Activity on SchoologyThurs 10/24
Lord of the Flies Chapter One ChronologMon 10/28
Lord of the Flies Chapter Two ChronologTues 10/29
Vocabulary Application Lesson Five; Quiz FridayWed 10/30
Lord of the Flies Chapter Three Vocabulary SheetThurs 10/31
Vocabulary Application Lesson Six; Quiz FridayWed 11/6
Lord of the Flies Unit Writing- Rough DraftTues 11/12
Lord of the Flies Final Draft to SchoologyFri 11/15 
Vocab Application Lesson Seven; Quiz FridayWed 11/20 

Class Syllabus: