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Cells /Human Systems / Homeostasis

 Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells

Main types of human cells

 Plant vs. Animal Cells

 Diffusion modeling

 How does the brain work?

 Can I eat that?

Body Control Center

"Build Arnold" Body Sytsem Review

Normal blood pressure chart

Can cold weather affect blood pressure?

Skin and temperature control

Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer-Crash Course

Bozeman Biology: Immune system video

How a neuron works


Cellular respiration: Khan Academy

Earth as an apple...farmland

Calories in fats and


How do we feed a rising population?

Farming claims half of Earth's land. National Geographic article

Cellular respiration: the big picture


How exercise affects rates of respiration

Leaf anatomy and function

Leaf disk assay: resource page


NOVA interactive: Human evolution

  Peppered Moth II

 Natural Selection

Evidence for evolution podcast

  Evolution Lab

Lamark vs. Darwin

Cytochrome C sequences for making cladograms

Bozeman Biology Making Cladograms with BLAST


Case Study: Maple Syrup Urine Disease

Case Study: Ambiguous Gender

Case study: Early Alzheimer's

Mitosis/Meiosis animation 

 Karyotyping Activity

 DNA Workshop

Either/or human traits

  Mendel's Peas

Genetics web lab: sex linkage

Genetics web lab: genetic counseling

Blood type tutorial

human life cycle diagram

Environmental Science


Renewables: State by state breakdown


Phosphorous in Lake Champlain

EPA Link


SOS Stream Study  

Reindeer on St. Matthews Island

Bloom: Lake Champlain Pollution Movie








AP Biology

Science and Tech

Google Earth Tours For Hazen's Trails
Enjoy these tours of the Hardwick Trails produced by Hazen Union's Science and Tech class.  Each tour takes you out onto the trails to show you what can be seen and done.  If you do not have Google Earth on your computer, you can use the link on this page to download it.  The tours will download to the "Temporary Places" menu in your Google Earth window.  Open up the downloaded tour folder and click on the tour to play it.  If you want to pause the tour, there is a pause button on the player control panel.  Enjoy the Hardwick Trails!

Resources for "Adopt a Crop"

Resources for Business Plan

Resources for How Far Did My Food Travel?

Resources for solar site

Researching Food Systems


Monoculture Research

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