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Ms. Langley-Wilbur, Room 17

Welcome to Ms L-W's Math Website here at Hazen Union High School

                                                        2014 - 2015:   Calculus, Algebra 2, Applied Algebra, Math Skills

please contact me at

or call 802-472-6511  x 2131

Grading and Information (All Classes):
Classwork:     10 points
Homework:    10 points
Quiz:                100 points
Test:                 100 points
Participation: Overall readiness for class, participation, homework/in class assignments completed and turned in on time.
May include coming in for extra help.

Please remember that cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during class at this time (See handbook).
If you access your phone/electronic device during class it will be taken from you, and you may pick it up in the main office at the end of the day.

Extra Help:   I am available during the following class periods for extra help:  1A, 2B,  and any TSA period.
Please ask for a note from me to give to your Study Hall or TA teacher so that you may get extra help during an agreed upon time.
Also, check with me about availability before and/or after school, and during lunch.

Calculus Textbook:        Calculus, 8th edition. Larson/Hostetler/Edwards

Algebra 2 Textbook:
      Algebra 2, 2010, Glencoe-McGraw-Hill.

Algebra 1 Textbook resources:

redemption code:  KYOD-FEN2-LR8Q



Helpful resources:

PC Notepad:     ALT codes for PC:

Comprehensive math review/references with tables/formulas:

and any resources below:

Quartic Equation Calculator:
FYI:  you can also solve Quartic Equations the old fashioned way (pencil/paper).
You can see how to do those computations here as well.

Calculus Chapter 3: Student Presentation Notes

Calculus Quarter 4:     Comprehensive  Inspiration
Calculus Derive So Hard  (with apologies JZ and KanyeWest), credits within the YouTube.

Calculus Rhapsody  (with apologies to Queen), 
credits within the YouTube.

Algebra 2:  

Short  concept summaries and Videos and practice problems:

Videos and Practice Problems:

    Kahn Academy               
    (when you click to open the link below, next click "jump to topic Math" for more specific help)

    Math World 

    NCTM Calculation Nation

    Explore Learning GiZMOS:

Great Web-Based and Smartphone Resources for Math:

Handy smartphone apps, let me know if you find useful apps, and we can include them here.
   go to iTunes or Google Play, and look for free apps: 

MathRef    (look for the free version; there is also a version you can pay for)
            Math Ref Free - Android Apps on Google Play
            Math Ref Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App

Gracalc   free graphing calculator with GREAT reference information for  Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Physics

Interlocked  free 3-dimensional manipulative puzzles in 2-D  !!! 


A glossary of mathematics terms can be a helpful aid to students who struggle with the vocabulary of mathematics. 
Here are FOUR mathematics glossaries that students can access online.

The McGraw Hill Mathematics eGlossary provides written and verbal definitions and explanations of mathematics terms. The glossary is divided by grade level. Select your grade level then the first letter of the term for which you need an explanation. The explanation is offered in text form as well as verbal (click the speaker icon to listen). The eGlossary is also available in other languages including Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Wili the Word Wizard's Math Dictionary is a glossary of important terms that elementary school and middle school students need to know to be successful in their mathematics classes. The dictionary includes diagrams when appropriate.

Jenny Eather's A Maths Dictionary for Kids provides simple and clear definitions of math terms. Each definition includes a small diagram or simple activity to illustrate the term's definition. A Maths Dictionary for Kids does not have a search option, but it doesn't need one as all definitions appear alphabetically just like in a physical dictionary. Below you will see how the definition for least common denominator is explained.

Dictionary of Numbers is a neat Chrome extension that "translates" large numbers into terms that are easy to visualize. When you have the extension installed any time that you encounter a large number on the web you can highlight it and get a simple explanation of just how big that number is. For example, if you came across the number 238,900 you would quickly find out that that is the average distance in miles to the moon.

Additional Mathematics Content Links:

     1)  Domain and Range of Functions

            Domain of a Function Video
            Domain and Range Video 1
            Domain and Range Video 2

     2)  Trigonometry:
            •Special Right Triangles
                    -45-45-90 Triangles
                        45-45-90 Triangles Video
                    -30-60-90 Triangles
30-60-90 Video 1
                        30-60-90 Video 2 (includes rationalizing the denominator of a fraction)

            •Refresher  of Right Triangle Trigonometry (SohCahToa and Pythagorean Theorem)
                Right Triangle Trigonometry Refresher Video
                More Right Triangle Trigonometry Video

            •Refresher of the Law of Sines
               Law of Sines Video

            •Law of Cosines
                Law of Cosines Video
                  Law of Sines and Law of Cosines Rules

            •Radian Angle Measure
                    -Switching back and forth between degrees and radians
                       Radians and Degrees Video

            •Reciprocal Function definitions

            Reciprocal Trigonometric Function Definitions

            •Unit Circle
                    -Need to know all special angles in degrees and radians
                    -Need to know exact coordinates(Cos and Sin values) of each special angle
                        Using SohCahToa to help with the Unit Circle Video
                        Unit Circle Definition and Values
                        Interactive Unit Circle to Practice Degrees and Radians
                        Unit Circle Demo (Geogebra Document)

            •Rationalizing the denominator of a fraction
                        Rationalizing Denominator Site

Here is a list of some other good general math help websites that you can search for more help with any of the above topics or more:

Website with Trigonometry Definitions as well as Review of Trig Topics
            PurpleMath Lessons
            Ask Dr. Math
            SOS Math Topical Review
            Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab