Classroom Lessons

During classroom guidance students are taught a variety of skills to help them manage their social and emotional world.  The following research-based curricula is in use: 
* SECOND STEP (all grades) - This curriculum helps students learn basic social skills and emotional regulation through four thematic units over the course of the school year; Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, and Problem Solving. This curriculum allows access to helpful formative assessment tools which assess a student's performance during instruction to better get to know the student and classroom needs.
Example/Grade 3:
unit 1 unit 2 unit 3 unit 4
Skills For Learning Empathy Emotion Management Problem Solving
  • Being Respectful Learners
  • Using Self-Talk
  • Being Assertive
  • Planning to Learn
  • Identifying Others' Feelings
  • Understanding Perspectives
  • Conflicting Feelings
  • Accepting Differences
  • Showing Compassion
  • Making Friends
  • Introducing Emotion Management
  • Managing Test Anxiety
  • Handling Accusations
  • Managing Disappointment
  • Managing Anger
  • Managing Hurt Feelings
  • Solving Problems, Part 1
  • Solving Problems, Part 2
  • Solving Classroom Problems
  • Solving Peer-Exclusion Problems
  • Dealing with Negative Peer Pressure
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills
* WE CARE ELEMENTARY (3-6)        

Care for Kids and We Care Elementary are curricula designed in response to Act One, a Vermont legislative act mandated for Vermont schools to improve Vermont's Sexual Abuse Response System. Both curricula were created to help prevent sexual victimization and promote healthy relationships and behaviors in children.  All lessons are age-appropriate; no lesson portrays scenarios of abuse or discussion of reproduction. Click here for more information regarding Care for Kids curriculum or We Care Elementary curriculum. Also feel free to contact Ms. Sally in Guidance at the school. As always, parents/caregivers are welcome to view all curricula.  
All of the above curricula directly relates to the prevention of bullying in our school.
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