Grade 8 Math Departmental- Currently working on scientific notation

Students should be reviewing the following math related concepts to help them do well on their regents exam:

  • gradient
  • rate of change
  • density
  • eccentricty

Dilation Quiz Thursday 12/7

- enlargements (any k greater than 1), image gets bigger, multiply original coordinates to get larger image by the scale factor

-reduction (any k less than 1 (often a fraction), image gets smaller, divide original coordinates to get smaller image by the scale factor

-we use ' as prime to label each dilated point

Quiz on Interior and Exterior Angles 11/9

-Interior angle sum theorem- all 3 angles of a triangle add up to 180

Exterior Angle Theorem- the 2 interior angles of a triangle add up to the exterior angle

Grade 8 Departmentalized Mathematics


Class Overview:  This year in mathematics we will be following the prescribed modules for 8th grade according to NY which can be found on the Engage NY website.

·         Expressions and Equations (September - Mid October)

·         Geometry (October)

·         Transformational Geometry (End of October - November)

·         Functions and Linear Relationships (December - February)

·         Rational and Irrational Numbers, Pythagorean Theory, and Simplifying Radicals and Radical Expressions (May – June)


Classroom Procedures:

·         Organization- The teacher will provide each student with a 3-ring binder where all do nows, guided notes, and corrected homework’s will be placed.  The binder will not travel with the student; it will remain in the room.  Students may bring home guided notes to help with homework completion but they must be returned.  Students will clean out binders once a quarter and can bring the materials home then.

·         Do Now- Students will pick up a do now and their binder and work silently for the first 5 minutes.  Do Now’s will be graded occasionally based on their level of effort and completion.

·         Homework- Homework will be assigned every night Monday- Thursday and will be checked the following day (sometimes for accuracy and sometimes for effort).  Homework is posted online daily on my class web page through the school’s website.

·         Fluencies-  Every Friday, students will practice their math skills by completing a timed 10 question practice set (which relates to the topic we are presently covering) and will correct their work and graph it.  These graphs will be kept in the classroom in a folder in their notebooks.  Every 5 weeks, the work will be graded as classwork (for growth).

·         Extra Help- Unfortunately, I won’t be able to offer lunch help as I teach during their lunch but extra help is available during the Early Bird Extra Help sessions (in the library) and after school by appointment on Tuesdays.

Grading Policy:  Quarterly averages will be calculated using the following percentages:

·         Classwork- 35% (do-nows, mini projects, and fluencies)

·         Tests- 35% (at least 2 unit tests per quarter)

·         Quizzes- 20% (quizzes at the end of each sub-unit)

Homework- 10% (assigned daily except for Fridays and holidays)

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