2020 - 2021

Mrs. Stormes Class site for Grade 6 Science 

My Teaching Schedule 
Period 1 Science    

Period 2  Science Co-Taught
Period 2 Sturdivent 

Period 3 Science
Period 4 lunch/quick extra help

Period 7 Science Co-Taught
Period 7 Sturdivent 

Period 8 Science Co-Taught
Period 8 -Sturdivent 

****** Remember that GOOGLE Classroom lists our assignments and their grades.  You can also see if you missed an assignment.  The Parent Portal is where you go to look for your official grade. As always you can email me if you have any questions. jstormes@ossiningufsd.org


Sometimes we need to verify something or 
ask another question or
 make corrections...
COME ON IN TO THE EXTRA HELP CLASSROOM (code found in the stream of your google classroom)!

I will offer
 extra help at 10:45 (period 4) on  
-Mondays and Tuesdays for students in the PRIDE cohort.
-Thursdays and Fridays to the OSSINING cohort
and virtual students can come any day of the week.
Each session will last about 20 minutes.  Come with what you want to ask/work on.

We have just begun our study of MATTER: 
Properties and interactions.   

During the next month or so we will also be integrating simple investigations that we will do together and also be able to do at home with common household items.  Be ready to look for things like eye droppers, salt, vinegar, water, tennis balls...and who knows what else...But don't worry if you don't have something we are using....we will always do it together too!