Mrs.DeFilippis                                                               Regents US History & Government  

Fall and Spring Semesters                                                             Social Studies Department Course                 

1 credit

Course Description

This course is designed to focus on the New York State Social Studies Standards 1 and 5, common social studies themes that recur across time and place, and United States historical eras beginning with the American Revolution and continuing to the present time.  For more information on NYS learning standards see, http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ciai/socst/socstands/socstand.html.

The major areas and topics we will focus on are:

American Revolution                         Reconstruction                 World War I

United States Constitution              Industrialization                    Great Depression

U.S. Foreign Policy 1789-present       Progressivism                       World War II

Sectionalism                                      Imperialism                       Cold War

Westward Expansion                         World War I                          Civil Rights

American Civil War                           Roaring 20’s                     Fall of Communism  

Living in a Global Age and The New Century

Course Goals and Objectives:

  • Master a broad body of knowledge regarding United States History.

  • Analyze and interpret historical evidence including primary and secondary source documents, maps, graphs, and literature.

  • Apply historical data to support an argument or position

  • Work collaboratively in groups to prepare presentations, complete projects and review for tests and exams.

  • Develop written analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast.

  • Understand the historical concepts and themes that occur consistently through time and be able to make connections to current events.

Student Expectations:

  • Always give your best effort on all class activities and assignments.  They are opportunities for you to learn, achieve and grow.  Take advantage of them.

  • Respect for the opinions of others is a class requirement.  All students have a right to their opinions.  The only constraints on your freedom of expression are common courtesy, respect for your classmates and evidence to support what you say (or write).

  • Remember that your personal honor and integrity are a very precious part of who you are as a person.  Therefore, it is expected that you will do all of your own work at all times.  Plagiarism on an assignment will result in a failing grade for that assignment.

  • Attendance is important.  Excessive absences will hurt your grade and may result in DCA.  Do not be late.  Be inside the door when the bell rings, unless you have a legitimate excuse to be tardy.

  • To fully benefit from this class your participation in necessary. This means you must ask questions when you have them, volunteer answers if you know them, take part in class discussions and debates, and be an active learner in the classroom

Course Materials:

Three-ring binder(1 ½” or 2” binder)                                      Loose leaf paper

Pen(blue or Black) and color pencils                                       Dividers

Highlighting marker Index cards

Textbook: McDougal-Littell: The Americans

Assessment Procedures and Policies

A student’s quarter grade will be determined by the total number of points he or she receives divided by the total possible points for those assignments. Most quizzes will be multiple choice/short answers.  Tests will be multiple choice, short answers and a substantial essay, usually 4-5 paragraphs long.  Late assignments will be penalized 10% of the total possible grade for each day late.  Assignments will not be accepted after three (3) days beyond the due date, except for extenuating circumstances (illness etc.) or special arrangement.

Extra Help

Students should and are encouraged to seek extra help if they are experiencing difficulty with the course work.  Extra Help is available after school or at other times as arranged with the teacher.

Contact Info:

Mrs. DeFilippis

762-5760 ext. 2349 or 2350

Office-room 208


Ossining High School Attendance Policy

Classroom participation is an integral part of the student’s grade. Therefore, a student will receive credit for a course by maintaining a minimum of a 65 average and maintaining an acceptable attendance of no more than 14 absences in a full year course and 7 absences for a semester course. Absences in excess of the stated minimum requirement will result in no credit. This policy does not differentiate between legal and illegal absences.

Ossining High Statement of Academic Integrity

Ossining High School is a community based on mutual respect and trust. A commitment to integrity requires that all members of the community – including faculty, students, and families – accept responsibility for teaching, understanding, and adhering to basic standards of honesty. Within this community, such standards should apply to intellectual and physical property, creative ideas and products, and all scholarly work.  Academic Consequences: Where a teacher has specific evidence of cheating s/he will assign a grade of 0 to the work. The teacher will also confer with the Director, contact the parent/guardian, and file a report of the cheating incident and a copy of the evidence with the Assistant Principal.  Please review all of the OHS policy information in the 2018-2019 OHS Student Agenda, (if you wish to view the Agenda online, use this link: www.ossiningufsd.org).