Grade 8 American History
Welcome to Mr. Willis's webpage! This year in Social Studies we will be covering the following units. 

Unit 5: Division and Reunion
    a. Slavery Divides the Nation
    b. The Civil War
    c. Reconstruction and the Changing South

Unit 6: Transforming the Nation
    a.The New West
    b. Industrial Growth
    c. New Urban Culture
Unit 7: A New Role for the Nation
    a. Progressive Era
    b. Becoming a World Power
    c. World War I

Unit 8: Prosperity, Depression, and War
    a. The Roaring Twenties
    b. The Great Depression
    c. The World War II Era

Unit  9: Bold Experiment Continues
    a. The Cold War Era
    b. Prosperity, Rebellion, and Reform

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