Mr. Molina's Welcome Message

         Welcome to middle school parents!!!  I am excited to have your child in my class.  This year will certainly be the most challenging year of his/her schooling career thus far.  However, it will also surely be the most rewarding.  
         This year I will immerse your child in the differentiated practices of English Language Arts and/or World History.  We will be working with as many different types of resources as possible.  However, the bulk of our work will take place in our virtual classroom (Google Classroom).  Regardless of whether your child is in the Ossining, Pride, or Virtual group, he/she should be checking his/her Google Classroom multiple times a day for announcements and/or assignments.  Students will be placed into their Google Classrooms in the coming days.       

Homework will be assigned (and checked) weekly (Mondays).  If you (or your child) does not know what was assigned, you can click on the "Weekly Homework Assignments" tab to the left (<---) and then click on the correct week.

I will put out announcements from time to time.  You can check for new announcements by clicking on the "Announcements" tab above.

Also, be sure to check out the"Some helpful Websites" and  "Resources" tabs to the left (<---) for links to websites and printable worksheets that might help scaffold your child's learning.


     I know these are difficult times and we are all navigating through uncharted waters.  In these strange times, few things are certain.  One thing you can count on however is my dedication to your child.  I will give them my all; my 100%, and I expect the same in return.  Together, we will work towards making this his/her best year yet!

                                                                        Mr. Molina