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Panther Tale 
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A Note from Our Principal

          I was pondering a few days ago about an inspirational statement I have on my desk. It says, “Be the Light.” The purpose of the statement is to understand we are the keepers of our own attitudes and we should constantly be choosing to “Be the Light” that we desire to see in others.

          In my wandering thoughts, I contemplated on the word “success”. Is my success in my career in education based on the numbers of enrollment, budget, repair costs, etc., or is it on the number of lives that God has allowed me to make a difference in?

          Here at Our Savior, our success is far more than grades, test scores or athletic achievements. Our teachers individually and collaboratively have made a difference in the lives of our students, both present and past; many of which, we will never know. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, but what you inspire others to do. Success is defined by the individual. To some, that is being rich and famous, and to others it is being happy and fulfilled. Here at Our Savior, we strive to assist our students in finding out what it is that they are passionate about and inspiring them to follow that dream.

          We also share with them our passion for what Jesus did for us on the cross and the joy of being forgiven and redeemed children of God. The past few years we have had at least one student be baptized each year. Honestly, that means more to us than words can express. That alone, by God’s grace, is what success is all about!


Our annual Secret Santa Shoppe is NEXT Friday, December 15. All students have an opportunity to purchase gifts ($1-$5 each) for family, pets, friends, teachers, etc. Younger students get help from chapel buddies and adult volunteers. Shopping lists should have come home. PLEASE remember to complete the list and return it with your child by Friday morning so ALL kids get a chance to shop at this special event!  


When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

     As winter fast approaches, please make sure you are signed up for our Reach Alert System to be notified by text, cell phone, and/or home phone (your choice) as to the status of OSLS. If you need information on how to sign up for Reach Alert, please go to our Website at or contact the school office.

     We do NOT follow JCPS or the Catholic School System closings. Many times, we will be open while other schools close as we do not operate school buses. Of course, if you feel the need to keep your child home for safety reasons, please do so.

    As a back-up, it would be advantages to sign up for a television station alert, such as WDRB.

P.R.A.Y - Pause, Reflect, and Yield”

Our school theme this year is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18a, which states “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all circumstances.” This year, our school focus will be on Prayer. With all that is going on in the world and in our lives, we need to Pause – take time out to be in prayer. Not only do we need to pray, but we need to be praying often. In a world that is becoming self-reliant, we need to learn to lean on God. Never give up on Him or looking to Him for help. We also need to YIELD to His Will, even though the answer or outcome to our prayer is not what we desired or expected. Think about Joseph, Moses, Daniel and other heroes of the Bible who endured trials of many kinds. God knew what He was doing even when it was hidden from them at the beginning. God does that with us today. Take time this year to PRAY. Pray for our school and its families. Pray for you and the needs of your family. Pray to give thanks and rejoice. No matter what you pray for, take time to communicate with God. Draw near to Him and trust Him.

Join the band!

Mondays @ 7:55 -8:30 full band

Thursdays @ 7:55 - 8:30 beginners 

                    @ 8:40 - 9:15 advanced

First class will be Thursday, September 7. Beginners can continue to try out instruments for the first week.

All band instruments are needed, but we are in need of some trombone and percussion players to have full instrumentation. Questions? Call or write James Embree @ 502-415-0340

Prayer Requests

If you have personal, family or general Prayer Requests please notify the school office.

We will print them whenever possible so our OSLS community can join your prayers.


We Did It!

Most of our returning families know that much work went into committees, reports, and documentation during the first half of last school year as we prepared our submission for national reaccreditation. Well…We Did It! We are happy to inform you that Our Savior Lutheran School was again accredited for five years by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission. As such, we will continue to demonstrate our strong commitment to ongoing improvements and maintenance of our dedication to providing excellence in “Building a Christian Foundation Today; Teaching Toward Tomorrow.” We thank all those families who worked toward this accomplishment and pray that we will provide many opportunities to serve our students, staff, school families and community throughout the years ahead.


Emails & Emergency Alert System

Please make sure the OSLS office has your current email address on file! We often send reminders, school closings and other important information–some with attachments - via email.  You may also use our email to ask questions. You may request to be added at

ALSO – make  sure you are signed up for our Reach Alert System to be notified by text, cell phone, and/or home phone of weather closings or other urgent information. Please go to our Website at or contact the school office for details. If you have signed up for Reach Alert previously, there is no need to sign up again unless contact information has changed.

Where Else Can I Find Information?!


1.  Check your child’s backpack regularly! Some teachers send information home daily and others use a Friday Folder unless information is urgent. Get to know your teacher’s methods for disseminating information.


2.  Many signs and posters are posted on DOORS! School office, classroom and exterior doors may post information for special events.


3.  Bulletin Boards! Information for Sports, Student Accomplishments, Lunch Menus and much more is posted on bulletin boards in the school lobby and across from the school office. Check them out!


How Can I Help?

There are TONS of opportunities for you to help our school!!

You already read about how to register your Kroger Card; here are a few other ideas to get you started on thinking of ways your family can help:

PRAY for our school (for our students, staff, families, volunteers, board, enrollment, special events, good weather for fieldtrips, WHATEVER comes to your mind and heart!)

Order ALL your Gift Cards through SCRIP in the school office (Turn in your order by the first of each month and your gift card will be in around the 15th. We will add more opportunities around Christmas.)

Bring in BOX TOPS (See the display in the school lobby.)

College Support Ministry (The Kamman Christ Care group has a ministry to college students. Cards and small packages are mailed periodically throughout the school year. If you have a college student in your family or know of an OSLS alumnus who is in college, please send their name and address to Dana Netherton at 

The first grade students participate in a caring card ministry. If you know of anyone who is shut-in, sick, or in need of a bit of caring from a first grader, please let Dana Netherton know.  All that is needed is a name, address and a purpose for the card. Send those three items to Dana Netherton at  

VOLUNTEER (Let us count the ways! Room Parents, Class Parties, Fundraisers, Chaperones, Special Art Projects, Set Designs/Costumes, Bulletin Boards, Special Events, PTL Events, Maintenance Projects…PLEASE ask your homeroom teacher or Mrs. Hannon if OSLS could use your time, gifts and talents…we probably can!)

OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH & SCHOOL will be hosting a booth at the Middletown Festival, Friday September 8 and Saturday, September 9. Please stop by and say, “hello”, and encourage your friends and coworkers who may have children ready for preschool next year or may not be happy with their current school to come see us! We will have the opportunity to share information about our church and school ministries to the folks attending the Festival. What a great opportunity to connect as church and school to the community! 

WATCH for the MANY projects, missions, events and fundraisers during the year ahead. One or more may be just the chance for you to get involved and help us out! THANK YOU!!

PARKING Hazards!

It is NOT OK to park outside of designated parking spaces in ANY lot. It has become dangerous and problematic – especially during afternoon carpool - as several parents are parking by the back gym door or outside of marked parking spaces. People trying to leave are being blocked in and children are unsure of where it is safe to walk. A designated parking space has lines on BOTH sides of the space. We have several lots and plenty of spaces. If you notice someone violating the carpool rules, please do not hesitate to report it to the school office immediately. These rules are in place for the safety of all of our children! Please be courteous and obey them.


Please remember that prior to 8:00am, parents will need to use a key card to allow their children into the building. There are still many children who ring the door buzzer as early as 7:25am. There are also children who bang on the door to be let in from 7:25-7:50am. Faculty and staff have a morning devotion and meeting each day until 8:00am. Morning drop-off staff cannot leave the gym to let children into the building. If you need to have your children in the building prior to 8:00am, USE A KEY CARD (parents only). Please see Mrs. Hannon in the school office if you need a key card.

The Panther Tale will Now be ONLINE

The Panther Tale will now be posted online on most Fridays. Select editions and other important notes will continue to be sent home throughout the year, and updates may be posted throughout the week.  You will be able to find the most recent updates on our Website and paper copies will be available outside the school office and in the church narthex.

ALSO…The bulletin boards in the lobby and office hallway hold many forms, registration and sports information, Panther Tales, informational flyers and MORE. Check it out!


**PLEASE call or email the school office if your child will be absent…

even if you have already notified your teacher. Thank you!**


We don’t want to be the “best kept secret in Louisville” any longer;

please continue to spread the news about our school!

Like Us On Facebook! Did you know that Our Savior Lutheran School has a Facebook page? It's a great way to keep up with what's going on at school. If you use Facebook, “like” the school's page at:


on Your Christmas Shopping!

Our 8th graders will be having a number of successive fundraising sales over the next several weeks.

Nov 6-Dec 20 – Chick-Fil-A Calendars


Ø DO NOT PARK IN THE CIRCLE DRIVE during morning drop-off and walk your child into the building. (This backs up the drop-off line and instigates unsafe conditions when drivers have to pull around parked cars to proceed through the line.) Please park in any spot along the soccer field and walk your child in from there. 

Ø DO NOT ENTER THE FIRST ENTRANCE (closest to Lyndon Lane) DURING AM OR PM CARPOOL. Use the drive nearest the church sign. During all school days, we operate on a ONE-WAY system and the first drive is OUT ONLY.


THANK YOU to Kara Turoso for heading up our Scholastic Book Fair again this year! Her team consisted of Sarah Towery, Jill Clark, Jessica Sample, Rachel Sallaberry, Michael Netherton, Karen Tate, Tracy Hannon, Jessica Masterson, Eric Hannon and Alex Hannon. Please be sure to thank them for serving our kids and our school !




ALL Music Groups & Choirs will be performing in the evening’s Christmas Program!

7:00om ~ Tuesday, December 19



Wednesday, November 20

Check with your homeroom teacher to see what time your class parties will begin in the morning!



Thursday, December 21-Monday, January 2


Looking Ahead (See also “SPORTS SCOOP”)

Dec 9…4/5BBB @ Whitefield Tournament

…Archery at Atherton High School

Dec 10…11:00am Jubilate Choir(Gr 6-8) Sings

Dec 11…7:55am Combined Band

…3:30-4:30pm 6-8 Handbells

…BB Practice 3:30-5pm Girls/5:30-7:30pm VB

Dec 12…9:45-11:45am GR K-2 Fieldtrip

…BB Practice 3:30-5pm Girls

Dec 13…8:45am CHAPEL

…3:30-4:15pm Gr. 4/5 Handbells

…3:30-5:00pm Archery

Dec 14…7:55am Beg Band/8:40am Adv Band

…BB GAMES HOME 5pm Girls vs DePaul

6pm VB vs Meredith Dunn

Dec 15Secret Santa Shoppe

Bring shopping list and money!!

Dec 17…11:00 OSL Sunday School

Christmas Program

…11:00am-1:00pm Mercy Pancake Brunch

Dec 18…7:55am Combined Band

…3:30-4:30pm 6-8 Handbells

Dec 19…7:00pm Boar’s Head Festival

Dec 20…Classroom Christmas Parties

11:45am Early Dismissal


Our annual Secret Santa Shoppe is NEXT Friday, December 15. All students have an opportunity to purchase gifts ($1-$5 each) for family, pets, friends, teachers, etc. Younger students get help from chapel buddies and adult volunteers. Shopping lists should have come home. PLEASE remember to complete the list and return it with your child by Friday morning so ALL kids get a chance to shop at this special event!  

PLEASE call or email the school office if your child will be absent…even if you have already notified your teacher. Thank you!

Lost and Found

Please check the Lost and Found in the school lobby regularly! The cooler weather brings many lost jackets, gloves, hats and even boots. And there are almost always several sweatshirts, PE uniforms and lunchboxes in the pile. Items left a week after each quarter ends will be donated to a local charity.