Helping Students With Financial Literacy

In 2010, the Ministry of Education moved forward with integrating financial literacy into the Ontario curriculum. Being financially literate means having the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions about spending, saving, investing, and managing money. This website is designed to help students become aware of smart purchasing decisions and provide a critical set of lifelong financial skills.

Students today are faced with wider challenges dealing with financial literacy:
  • Higher levels of  consumerism which is encouraged by sophisticated advertising aimed directly at them
  • New technologies such as apps which are designed to sell products through advertising. These technologies make it easier to make purchases from virtually any location at anytime
  • Easier access to credit. Credit card companies encourage students to obtain credit cards
  • How to make ethical purchasing decisions
  • How to budgeting and save for post secondary education

This website features interactive lesson plans which can be used in a variety of subjects from grades 7 to 12 including: Business Studies (Finance, Digital Literacy, Productivity Software), Mathematics (Linear Relations),  Social Sciences & Humanities (Research and Inquiry Skills), and English (Media studies). 

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Economist - Douglas Porter discusses Financial Literacy


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